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Morning Routine

February 26, 2018 | Lex Daddio


Hi friends!

I asked if you all wanted to know more about my morning routine & it looks like you do se here we go! Not every morning looks the exact same, especially depending on my schedule, but right now this is my ideal routine & what I try to stick to! At least until baby boy comes along 🙂

6:15-6:30am– Wake up, drink a full glass of room temperature while waiting for the coffee to brew (I always prep our coffee the night before & we use a local coffee called Blanchard’s. It’s always important to hydrate, especially before coffee so drinking water is KEY for me. It wakes me up & makes me feel good. I drink A LOT of water! It’s great for skin, digestion, & basically everything!

6:30am– Prepare my coffee. Either just coffee with organic half and half OR about 10 hot coffee blended in my blender with 1 scoop collagen peptides (I use Vital Proteins) + about 1-2 tsp vanilla bean ghee (I use 4th&heart) + lots of cinnamon. Totally depends on the day & week, I’ve been more into coffee and cream these past few weeks. Also, I never drink the blended coffee as a meal replacement, it’s the same to me as a regular cup of coffee and I always eat breakfast still!

6:30-7am– Read my Bible or a book and journal/ pray. This is super important to me, and always starts my day with a good attitude. I like to remember all the blessings and things I’m grateful for during this time too!

*Note: I turn my phone on airplane mode every night around 8pm. I like to disconnect and take some time away from my phone. I don’t turn it back on until I’m done reading & usually just to use my music for a walk, etc. I try not to really get on social media until I’m ready for the day, however, I will take some story photos & videos and upload those later 🙂

7:00-8:00am– This is usually when I’ll do some kind of movement if I’m feeling up to it! Everyday pretty much looks different, but I at least like to get in a walk everyday. There’s nothing like some fresh air and oxygen to brighten your day & give you energy! I’ll usually listen to a podcast (Nourishing Women’s Podcast or The Chasing Joy Podcast) or some music. My movement rotates between: a walk, doing an online yoga video, doing 21 day fix, or going to pure barre (if I go to pure barre, my morning looks a little different depending on what time the class is!)

Whenever I finish moving- BREAKFAST. Always! I don’t think I’ve ever skipped breakfast and I’m the kind of girl who eats breakfast right after working out. I don’t always eat something before, just depending on what I’m doing, but I do always eat right after! I follow up breakfast with my prenatal vitamin (I take Rainbow Light) & DHA (I take Nordic Naturals)

Favorite breakfasts:

-Toast: is probably my number 1 because it’s so versatile (eggs & avocado, or pb&banana&honey or a mix of both sweet and savory!)

-Yogurt bowls: i love these because they’re balanced and fuel my up. I use whole milk yogurt, fruit, granola, & nut butter

-Egg scramble or fried eggswith roasted potatoes with veggies (like spinach, kale, bell peppers, onions, etc) all dipped in ketchup

-Oatmeal: sometimes! I have a love/hate relationship with oatmeal. I’m not always good at making it tasty, but I’m working on it. I love steel cut the most!

-Smoothies: sometimes but I don’t always crave these, because I prefer to chew!

-Some kind of pastry out: croissant, muffin, or donut because sometimes that’s the best!

8:15-9am– Shower, get ready, & get the day rolling! My getting ready routine is pretty simple: I either shower or do dry shampoo, wash/moisturize my face, put on makeup, and get dressed. I like to dress in normal clothes almost everyday, because to me it feels like it starts the day and that I’m more productive! Also, I like to look nice for Thomas 😉

Here are some pictures in case you need some breakfast inspiration!

That’s what a typical morning looks like for me, BUT that being said, it tends to look different sometimes depending on what’s going on that day, how much sleep I got, etc etc etc! Hope that’s helpful!



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