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Hospital Bag Checklist

August 24, 2018 Lex Daddio



Good Morning & Happy Friday!!

I’ve been wanting to share this post, per your request, and I’m excited to finally get it out! These are all the things I felt were super helpful to have! Some aren’t completely necessary, because the hospital provides a lot of stuff which is amazing. There were just some things that I wanted of our own, so totally all personal preference. Hopefully this is helpful! Side note: I had my bags packed at 36 weeks, because so many ladies in my family went early, but I went 41 weeks and 5 days 🙂 Okay, here we go:


  • Hospital Gown – I used this Ingrid & Isabel one, & loved having my own. It was so cozy, and I felt like myself rather than feeling like a patient. Everyone has their own thing though!

  • Robe – I bought my robe from Pink Blush, and I still wear both all the time! It’s comfortable, easy to throw on, and nurse in.

  • Nursing Nightgown – Loved having this from Ingrid & Isabel and wore it pretty much the whole time with my robe over! Easy to wear and I still wear this to bed most nights.

  • Nursing Tank & Sweatpants – I also bought both the tank & sweatpants from Ingrid & Isabel. The tank was perfect and basically the same as the dress, and the sweatpants were perfect because it can get cold in hospitals!

  • Warm Socks- I brought both my warm long socks, as well as my sticky Pure Barre socks (these were amazing during labor when I was walking all over the slippery hospital floors)

  • Toothbrush / Toothpaste – No explanation needed 🙂

  • Deodorant – I wore my primally pure the whole time, it works SO WELL. Best natural deodorant I’ve ever found and they just came out with their blue tansy scent and it’s my favorite one yet. I feel like it works the best, and you can use my code LEX10 for 10% off until the end of August!

  • Shampoo / Conditioner /body wash – Pretty sure most hospitals have their own, but I prefer mine!

  • Hair Dryer – I liked having this to be able to blow dry my hair and feel like myself when people came to visit!

  • Makeup & Chapstick – I didn’t wear a lot, but I love makeup so no shame in doing your face a little for all the pictures, haha. Also, I totally got eyelash extensions and it was the BEST thing ever! I would do it again on my next kid because it was SO NICE to always feel like you had makeup on and you were good to go!

  • Towel/ Washcloth – They provided towels, but it they were thin & I liked having my big plushy ones, although these totally aren’t necessary!

  • Hairbrush

  • Hair ties/ Clips

  • Nipple butter – I used the one from Earth Mama and I think it really helped!

  • Breast pads – I didn’t end up using these much since I didn’t really start leaking until my milk fully came in, but good to have! I use these ones!

  • Pillow – We have nice comfy pillows and I really wanted to sleep well so we brought our own!

  • Coconut Oil – For everything, we use this on T and I used it on me as well!

  • Lotion – If you want, but I didn’t end up using mine much!

  • Bottom spray – I used this one from Earth Mama!

  • Checkbook – for T’s birth certificate.

  • Insurance Card & ID

  • Cash – Just in case!

  • Debit/ Credit cards

  • Speaker/ Charger- I liked being able to play music during labor so we brought our portable speaker.

  • Phone Charger/ Phone

  • Essential oils/ Diffuser- My doula actually ended bringing this for us and it was SO nice to have it going during labor!

  • Birth Preferences (printed out) – If you have them of course!

  • SNACKS ON SNACKS ON SNACKS- We literally brought SO MANY SNACKS! For labor, T was literally fueled by coconut water, a perfect bar, gomacro bar, siggi’s yogurt, fresh fruit, and purely elizabeth granola! Haha all my favorite things 🙂 As soon as he came out, our parents brought us wine and chicken parmesan, so thankful for Italian in-laws! Other things we packed: prepared salads with some chicken and sandwiches from our favorite little market, paleovalley meat sticks, lots of fresh fruit, perfect bars, gomacro bars, oatmama lactation bars, siggi’s yogurt, purely elizabeth granola, suja juices & wild friends peanut butter packets, We had to end up getting induced so we had extra time to grab extra food. The hospital told us to pack a lot because induction could take days & it’s hard to get food at the hospital on the weekends! Thankfully, we also had so many family members coming & going and they were always bringing food too! So thankful, because I was literally always hungry! If you look at the picture above, you can see the two coolers on the floor. That’s all the food we brought, because Thomas can EAT & so can I haha 🙂


  • 1-2 Change of Clothes / Sweat Clothes

  • Sneakers

  • Pajamas

  • Socks

  • Toiletries


  • Warm blanket – Brought this to keep him warm over the swaddle. We actually never put him in clothes at the hospital. We just kept him in a diaper, hat, swaddle, and sometimes the blanket if needed. That way he was always doing skin-to-skin & you really just don’t even need to dress him. Less clothes to wash too!

  • Hand mittens – Helps keep his little hands warm and keeps him from scratching his face, although they fall off all the time haha

  • Hats – The hospital provides a little hat, but we brought some of our own too!

  • Diapers/ Wipes – The hospital provides diaper and wipes, and so many people suggest taking as many home as you can! & you should, because you already pay for them. However, we love our honest diapers and water wipes, so we brought our own!

  • Baby Balm- We use the one from Primally Pure and LOVE it! We didn’t use it much at the hospital, but I’m glad we brought it for the few times we did.

  • Swaddles – We pretty much kept him swaddled the whole time, I love the ones from

  • Going Home Outfit – I found a cute one on Etsy.

  • Pacifier – We didn’t actually use this, but I guess it’s always good to have if you’re going to use one. T loves the Nuk ones!

  • Car seat – Obviously this one is pretty important to take him home in 🙂 We have the Maxi Cosi car seat and really like it. It’s super light & easy.

Hopefully this is helpful if you’re pregnant or if you know someone pregnant and who could use this list! It was definitely all I personally needed. I felt prepared, but not like we had TOO much!




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