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Chocolate Chip Cookie Pops


  These chocolate chip cookie pops are absolutely magic! They’re based off a cake pop, but they’re a cookie pop, which is even better. Thomas came up with this idea, and I knew I had to try it. All you do is make chocolate chop cookies, buttercream icing, mix them […]


Easy & Cheesy Beef Enchiladas


  These easy & cheesy beef enchiladas are one of my absolute favorite comfort meals! They’re loaded with flavor, warming to the body, and full of cheesy goodness. Beef enchiladas always seem hard to me, but they are actually so quick and easy to make. Also you only need a […]


Florida Orange Smoothie Pops

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  These Florida Orange smoothie pops are such a fun healthy dessert for kids and honestly anyone! They’re loaded with vitamins, nutrients, and deliciousness! These pops are easy to make with only five simple ingredients. All you need is Florida Oranges, Greek yogurt, almond milk, honey and turmeric powder. I […]


No Churn Thin Mint Ice Cream


  No churn thin mint ice cream is such an easy treat that is BEYOND delicious! It is incredibly rich and the perfect mix of vanilla flavor and thin mint cookies. Such a fun flavor and a delicious way to use Girl Scouts cookies! The ice cream is incredibly easy […]