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About Us

Welcome to Daddio’s Kitchen! We are so incredibly grateful that you’re here! We’re a husband and wife team that creates all kinds of recipes to feed our family and yours. Thomas does most of the cooking & Lex does all of the baking. We make recipes that are simple and attainable for anyone!

Both of us were born and raised in Richmond, VA. We met when Lex was 7 and Thomas was 12. Lex has had a crush on Thomas pretty much her whole life, and everyone knew it, including Thomas. Our families are super close friends and we grew up together. Not to mention, Thomas is one of my brother’s best friends (sorry, Luke!) Don’t worry, he’s happy about it now! We got married in 2017. Had our first baby boy, T (AKA Thomas after his daddy), in June 2018. Then, we had Noah in April 2020. 22 months apart. 2 boys. Lots of craziness but a whole lot of love. Also, two very hungry mouths to feed and I know they’ll only get more hungry as they grow!

A little more about Lex. If you’ve followed from the beginning, Lex started the Instagram @restoring_radiance back in 2014! It was a rough time in her life and she started as a personal food and exercise journal when she was going through an eating disorder. Her Instagram went through so many changes. Restoring Radiance will always have such a special place in her heart, because she had to go through the darkness to get to where she is now. We firmly believe that exposing your darkness into the Light is one of the first steps to truly healing.Through recovering and so many life changes, she fell in love with baking. After making her first homemade chocolate chip cookie recipe in May 2020, she can’t stop creating baked goods! Now, here we are. She changed the original Instagram name to @daddioskitchen and now it’s a family affair.

And let’s talk about Thomas! He grew up in a home where there was almost always a hot meal for dinner. His dad is Italian and is an incredible cook, but his mom is amazing too! They rarely ate out, but then they did they’d often to get Thai, Indian, Asian, etc and those are some of Thomas’ favorite cuisines too this day.  He never went to any formal cooking school, but must have just been born with it. He’s an incredible cook and a hot commodity among all our family and friends, because everyone wants “Thomas’ cooking”!

Our hope is to raise our boys in a home where they eat mama’s chocolate chip cookies and they don’t even think to feel shame or guilt, only joy and excitement. To have a balanced and normal relationship with food. To eat food together and around the table as much as we can. To bake together and cook together and to create memories because that’s what the kitchen is all about.

So we’re sharing both of our passions and recipes with you all! We are inviting you all to come eat with us. Virtually. Our hope is to create recipes to share with you so that you can make them and enjoy them with yourself, friends, or family. Because the best memories are made in the kitchen! There’s nothing like enjoying a nice home-cooked meal and dessert in our opinion. The kitchen is about getting messy and having fun. Nobody starts out great when it comes to cooking or baking. We sure didn’t. It takes practice and trial and error, but that’s part of the fun! So start where you are. Start small. Use what you have. It doesn’t have to be hard or complicated! We hope you’ll join us in the kitchen!

Here’s what you can expect to see on here and on our Instagram. All kinds of recipes: breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and OF COURSE desserts because life without dessert is no fun! Videos of cooking and baking. Tips in the kitchen. Our favorite products and things we love to use. Feeding the kids. Sharing our hearts and passion for the kitchen. And the messy parts of life in between. So grab yourself a coffee or a glass of wine. Come hang with us & let’s make some delicious food together!

You can find us on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, & YouTube (haven’t updated in awhile). Thanks for following along with us!

John 1:5 “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”