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Easy Overnight Sourdough Bagels

These easy overnight sourdough bagels are going to be your new go-to! They’re quick to throw together at night and let rest and then you cook them in the morning. I mean who doesn’t love a delicious hearty bagel? But these bagels won’t leave you feeling weighed down because of […]


New to sourdough? Start here!

Do you want to make sourdough, but you don’t know where to even start? I’ve got you. I’ve been making sourdough on and off since 2019 and I’ve a learned a thing or two along the way. There are so many ways to go about it and it totally seems […]


Simple Sourdough Pepperoni Pizza

This simple sourdough pepperoni pizza has become our weekly go-to! We love doing pizza and movie night every Friday. So either Wednesday or Thursday I’ll throw the dough together and then just have it in the fridge until it’s time to use. The dough is soft and easy to work […]


Easy Sourdough Baguette Recipe

This easy sourdough baguette recipe is such a fun and easy way to change it up! We love having baguettes especially for sandwiches. These ones are hard on the outside and soft in the middle. I actually prefer mine a little softer so I love how these taste. The recipe […]