Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies


Brown butter chocolate chip cookies are inspired by original chocolate chip cookies but will an incredible upgrade! Brown butter gives the cookies a nutty, caramel, rich flavor. It really shines and elevates the cookies! One of the best parts is you don’t have to wait for the butter to soften, but you can use it straight from the fridge. Now that’s a win! These may quickly become your new favorite cookie so beware! Also, don’t let the brown butter intimidate you, it’s truly really easy as long as you keep a good eye you’re set! Enjoy!

What you need to make brown butter chocolate chip cookies:

  • Unsalted butter- You can use salted as well but I always go for unsalted in baking. If you use salted, just decrease the salt in the recipe to 1/4 tsp. You’re going to brown the butter (in the directions below!) This is what makes all the difference and gives such a delicious flavor. The brown butter adds a richness and gives the cookies a caramel-note!
  • Brown sugar- Brown sugar gives it that caramel note and adds the perfect sweetness as well as giving them that deep rich brown color. You can use light or dark brown sugar.
  • Granulated sugar- A classic in any recipe. You can use white sugar, cane sugar, whatever you prefer. I haven’t tested coconut sugar.
  • Eggs- The egg helps to bind the recipe and really helps give it taste and texture. Try to make sure this is room temperature or at least on the counter for 15 minutes. I don’t know if flax eggs would work as an alternative.
  • Vanilla extract- No baked good recipe is complete without vanilla extract in my opinion. It’s key!
  • All-purpose flour- I typically bake with all-purpose flour. Almond and coconut flour do not have the same measurements so they will not work for this. However, gluten-free 1:1 all-purpose flour should work just fine. Make sure to find one with xantham gum, I love Bob’s Red Mill, but any should do.
  • Baking soda- Helps to produce a light and fluffy and perfectly cooked brown butter chocolate chip cookie.
  • Sea salt- Salt is key in a baked good, because it really helps to bring out the flavor!
  • Chocolate chips- I used semi-sweet but feel free to use whatever you like! You could use dark chocolate or milk chocolate. Even better, use a mix of two different chocolates! You can use chocolate chunks, chips, etc.

Tips for making them:

  • Refrigerating the dough will help the flavors really come together! It also makes all the difference in baking to get that caramelization.
  • Topping with flakey sea salt will help bring out the flavor of the cookie without making it salty. It just basically enhances the flavor in your mouth!
  • Adding chocolate chips when the cookies come out of the oven will make them look like a real bakery cookie. I always add about 4 to 5 on the outside.
  • Using 2 different types of chocolate, for example mixing 1 cup of dark chocolate & 1 cup of semi-sweet or milk chocolate will make the flavor insane and even more delicious! Or you can use chocolate chunk, which will help to get bigger chocolate pockets!
  • Feel free to freeze the dough in dough balls in the freezer. When you want a fresh cookie, thaw the cookie dough balls on a baking sheet while preheating the oven. Then continue to cook according to the directions. You may have to add a couple extra minutes. Just keep an eye on them!
  • This is my favorite cookie scooper! It’s stainless steel and works great. Perfect for cookie dough and ice cream. I’ve even used mine to scoop meatballs!

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Alright, let’s get to making the recipe! Enjoy friends!

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Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Brown butter chocolate chip cookies are inspired by original chocolate chip cookies but will an incredible upgrade! Brown butter gives the cookies a nutty, caramel, rich flavor. It really shines and elevates the cookies! These may quickly become your new favorite cookie so beware! Also, don't let the brown butter intimidate you, it's truly really easy as long as you keep a good eye you're set!
Course: Dessert
Keyword: brown butter, chocolate, chocolate chip, chocolate chip cookies, cookies, dessert
Servings: 10 cookies


  • Baking sheet


  • ½ cup unsalted butter melted & browned
  • ½ cup light or dark brown sugar
  • ¼ cup granulated sugar
  • 1 egg room temperature
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1⅓ cups all-purpose flour spoon & leveled
  • ½ tsp baking soda
  • ½ tsp sea salt
  • 1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips or whatever you prefer


  • Start with browning the butter. Cut the stick of butter into cubes. You can use the butter straight from the fridge. Using a light colored pan will help you to make sure the butter is brown. I used a stainless steel pot but if you have a light colored pan it's super helpful.
  • Heat your butter on medium heat and make sure to stir frequently with a rubber spatula or wooden spoon. Browned butter can burn so you want to make sure you don't leave it!
  • The butter will start to foam and bubble and you want to make sure to keep stirring. It should take about 5-8 minutes for the butter to turn brown. As soon as it starts to brown on the bottom, remove it from the heat. You want to make sure you're constantly stirring. The smell should become super rich and nutty. When it's done, remove from heat, and go ahead and pour the butter into your bowl to let it cool before continuing.
  • When the butter has cooled, add the brown sugar and granulated sugar to the bowl and stir with a whisk until well incorporated.
  • Next, add in the egg and vanilla extract. Stir well.
  • Add in the flour (spoon & leveled), baking soda, and sea salt. You may need to use a rubber spatula here to make sure it's well combined.
  • Pour in the chocolate chips or chocolate of choice and make sure to spread throughout the dough as evenly as you can.
  • Cover the bowl and store in the fridge for AT LEAST 30 minutes and up to 24 hours. I did mine for 30 minutes and they turned out amazing!
  • Preheat oven to 350F degrees. Once the cookies are chilled, scoop out the dough with a scooper or a spoon and make into 10 large cookies.
  • Bake for 11-14 minutes depending on the size. You'll want the outsides set and the middle still a little bit underdone. Let them cool on the baking sheet for 5-10 minutes. For a more bakery style look, press 4-5 chocolate chips into the top of the cookie as soon as it comes out of the oven. Sprinkle with flakey sea salt.
  • Cool the cookies on a cooling rack & ENJOY!


For Storing: Store in an airtight container on the counter for 3-4 days! If you add a slice of bread into the container it will help it to stay moist/ soft.
For Freezing: You can freeze the cookie dough into balls in a freezer bag and let thaw on the baking sheet while preheating the oven. Cook according to the directions, but you may have to add a few minutes. OR freeze a completely cooled cookie in a freezer bag. Thaw on the counter whenever you want a cookie! You won’t even know it was frozen!


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