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Pregnancy Update (Weeks 18-20)


January 25, 2018 | Lex Daddio

Hi friends! Took me a little while to get this one written but here are my updates from the last couple of weeks. Baby Daddio has been moving like CRAZY, especially at night after dinner when Thomas & I are snuggling together on the couch. Thomas feels baby all the time now, and you can actually watch him/her move in my belly. It’s pretty amazing & still blows my mind.

As far as how I’m feeling. Honestly, pretty great! I definitely can’t complain, and I am beyond thankful for a great pregnancy with no sickness. My biggest symptom has been really achy lower back and sometimes legs. I guess your body can get super sore/achy when it’s trying to grow a human. So when it starts to hurt really bad, I remind myself that it’s because our little baby is growing. Other things that help: my acupressure mat, epsom salt baths, elevating my feet, having Thomas massage my back, and honestly just resting and taking it easy. I might try to squeeze in a prenatal massage and some prenatal yoga soon. If you have any other suggestions, send me a direct message 🙂 I know it’ll probably be more intense once I start to get heavier, but I’m just praying it won’t.


I was telling Thomas the other day, I think it’s funny because I truly haven’t had any outrageous or intense cravings. In the first trimester, all I wanted was carbs. I still eat carbs in pretty much every meal at this point, but I did that before pregnancy too. I’ve definitely been on a bagel kick as you can see above. I’m just loving them & we started bagel Saturday in the Daddio home so that’s been fun. Also, we found a local store (Cupertino’s) that are NY style bagels and they’re phenomenal! I mean they aren’t NY, but they’re pretty dang delicious.


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Then, in the second trimester, my eating has balanced out. It’s gotten back to normal, and I feel like my tastebuds are definitely expanding, which is fun! I do LOVE spicy right now, which I honestly wasn’t huge into before. As far as other cravings, there are things that sound tasty, but nothing I have to have immediately. I haven’t had to send Thomas out on a mission to get me something I was craving. Stuff sounds good, but I’ll get it eventually. I don’t have to have it RIGHT NOW!

Honestly, I think this is because I already allowed myself to eat these things before pregnancy. Now, if I was pregnant during my eating disorder, I think I would of had a really hard time with this. I never eat myself eat certain foods so I think I would have experienced crazy cravings! That’s just a personal thing though, if you’re pregnant, it might be totally different for you!

I’ve also had WAY more energy and have been having lots of fun experimenting in the kitchen. I’ve feel like I’ve actually gotten better at cooking in the past couple weeks and I’m pretty proud, not going to lie haha. I think it’s so exciting to create something delicious! Thomas has been enjoying the practice too hehe. But that’s just it, I used to be so scared of cooking but it just takes time and practice and I feel like I’m learning flavor combinations more. Some of the pictures above are what we’ve been making: honey soy salmon, hot oatmeal (I was always bad at making this but this one was SO GOOD), greek meatballs with homemade pitas, lots of fun smoothies (I’ve been loving fruit and making lots of different smoothie combos), greek meatballs rice bowls, and spicy sriracha shrimp tacos!

Okay, I’m done with the food now! Another exciting thing happened during these weeks, my bump has FINALLY started to arrive. I seriously woke up one morning (during week 20) and looked down at my belly. The top part was concaving in but the bottom looked like a bubble. I couldn’t suck it in and it wouldn’t move. Thomas and I were laughing, but it feels good to finally LOOK pregnant! It was like it happened overnight. It popped even more from week 20 to 21 as you can see below! My belly also started filling out more at the top. Also, my boobs have grown so much (Mamas: if you have any good bra suggestions, PLEASE LET A GIRL KNOW!) I can’t wait for the legit baby bump & people finally start asking when I’m due!

 As far as skincare, I’ve still been using my Zoe Organics on my belly, boobs, butt, and hips! It’s amazing and supposed to help prevent stretch marks and it just feels good. I also use Primally Pure body butter and their blue yarrow body oil for my whole body! If you’re interested in their products, use my code “Lex” for a free lip balm with your order! Just make sure to add it to your cart first 🙂

We got to celebrate two of our great friends (Blair and Peter)’s wedding and my best friends from high school were there! It was such a fun reunion and I’ve never been pregnant at a wedding but it was so fun! We all danced for hours, ate some delicious food, and had the best time! Luckily, I didn’t need a maternity dress yet, but I will for our next weddings in February and March. If anyone has suggestions, let me know 🙂

We FINALLY took down our Christmas tree. We had it up for 2 months, but no shame! It was nice to take it down, clean, organize, and refresh. We started creating a little baby corner. We will reorganize it, but it’s just the start! We have a rug and a basket so far and we’re going to add a rocking chair! We just got both the rug and basket from Lorena Canals Rugs, and I am OBSESSED. They’re both so cute and the rug is actually washable. You just throw it right in the washer and dryer. VERY convenient. It’s also super soft and doesn’t shed at all! Makes me so excited to get our little babe playing on there! My niece Harper already loves it! We also got a Dockatot, super excited about that. I let Harper play on that and break it in 🙂

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We also had our 20 week anatomy scan appointment with my midwife. If you’re in Richmond, we’re using Wendy Dotson from VA Women’s Center, and we LOVE her! The appointment went so well! Baby Daddio was moving so much they could barely get all the pictures but they did, thank goodness haha. We have one active baby on our hands 🙂 Also, we did find out the gender! We are super excited, and would have been either way! But we already had names for both a boy and a girl so it’s exciting to call Baby Daddio by the actual name now. We are keeping it a secret for right now, but we will announce it soon 🙂 

As far as exercise, I’ve still been doing 21 day fix workouts and nourish move love workouts at home. I finally started going back to Pure Barre and I missed it so much! I just took a little break because I wanted to, but it feels good to be back! Also, one of my favorite instructors, Anne, is pregnant too so we’ve been bonding over that. So fun to have another friend pregnant, and we’re 6 weeks apart!

That’s pretty much everything at this point! I’ve been noticing I’m way hungrier recently! Like WAY hungrier and more often. I think it might be a combo of working out and baby daddio is growing more everyday! Baby is already in the 76% percentile for weight, but they said that has nothing to do with how much he/she will weigh when they are born, phew! I’ll try to update you all more frequently so maybe these won’t be as long. Thanks for reading, and happy thursday!


Lex & Baby Daddio


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