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Pregnancy Update (Weeks 34-36)


May 14, 2018 | Lex Daddio

359d51_1a51fbd750674546935cef147a77081a~mv2_d_3024_4032_s_4_2Hi there! The last few weeks have honestly been pretty great. I don’t have many updates other than I got my Strep B test and I’m negative so that’s a plus. I’ve officially started my weekly appointments with my midwife until he’s born! It looks like baby T and I are measuring pretty small, but my midwife said he’s sitting pretty low in my cervix (great for labor, and his head is down, which is what you want!!) so most of his body is hiding down there. Other than that, everything looks great and I AM THANKFUL. I honestly don’t take this lightly, because I know SO many people that have struggled with all sorts of things during pregnancy so I am just being grateful that mine has been so smooth.

Some days I feel SUPER pregnant, tired, and can’t get anything done. Other days I feel great, energized, and super productive! Haha everyday is totally different, it’s a journey. One thing I started incorporating was prenatal massages. I held off for so long, because I felt like “do I really need to spend money on that”? Once I got my first one, I was like “WHAT HAVE I BEEN WAITING FOR?” So. Worth. It. Also, I was struggling with really bad lower back pain for awhile and now it’s gone? Not sure where it went or what helped, but I definitely think the massages have played a role because that’s the only thing I’ve changed.

My biggest highlights in the last few weeks have been our baby shower, babysitting my niece Harper for 2 days, and my brother’s gender reveal! They’re having a boy, so baby T will have a forever best friend!! My sister, mom, mother-in-law, and sisters-in-law threw Thomas and I the most beautiful baby shower ever. I was blown away and everything was right up my alley! We did girls and then Thomas & family boys, because Thomas helped make baby T too, haha. So I felt like he should be there/ I just wanted him there! Anyway, they did european style food (because it’s my favorite) so we had a gorgeous cheese spread, baguette sandwiches, a beautiful salad,  pastries, and so many other things. I loved every single part. I wish I had gotten more photos but here’s what all I got 🙂

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Thomas and I got to babysit Harper for 2 nights and we honestly had SO MUCH FUN. It was also great practice to have a little human to care for at all times. I know she’s a bit older than T, and thank goodness they don’t start that busy haha but overall it was great practice. We went to Skyzone, played at Thomas’ parents house in their playroom, took baths, played in the apartment, watched Moana, danced, ate lots of toast and smoothies, and snuggled. We loved every minute and slept REALLY great after she went home, haha!

Here’s a quick highlight of some delicious things I’ve eaten over the last few weeks! Also, Thomas and I went on a date to our favorite restaurant, Stella’s. It was AMAZING, per usual, and so nice to get some quality time just the two of us! Looking at these photos now, I realize it looks like I’ve been pretty into sweet these days. Dates, smoothies, date brownies, ice cream sandwiches, and cupcakes. All so good.

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I’ve been doing some research and I have a list of things I’m going to try to do everyday in my last 4 weeks of pregnancy! I’ve heard wonderful things about them, and so these are the things I’ve decided to try. Doesn’t mean you have to, you do you! I’m sure there are other great things as well, but you can only do so much, am I right? Also, most of these things are controversial and some people believe them and some don’t, but I feel like that’s how everything is haha!

1. 6 dates a day: I’ve heard multiple personal stories from women saying how much this has helped them! There was a study conducted that consuming 6 dates a day in the last 4 weeks of pregnancy helped women to: have shorter labors, go into labor spontaneously rather than having to be induced, their water was more likely to break naturally, and they were less likely to need pitocin. Now, does it actually work? I don’t know, but I honestly LOVE dates so I’m all in to try it out! Also, HERE is a great article with some more info, if you’re interested!

2. Red raspberry leaf tea: I’m going to be honest, I don’t love this one., I think the tea kind of tastes like dirty water, haha. I’ve found making a big batch and storing it in the fridge to drink it iced helps A LOT. Also, I’ve heard it’s better if you add lemonade, stevia, or honey so I might try those too. Anyway, they say to start drinking it in the second trimester, and I did a little, but now that I’m in my last 4 weeks I’m really making an effort to drink it everyday. The benefits of this one are suppose to be: faster labor, reduced complications and interventions, and it’s supposed to prepare your womb for labor. HERE is a great article for more info on this one!

3. 50 squats a day: Just added this one to the list! My doula actually suggested this to me, because she said it’s super helpful to strengthen your leg muscles. It’s also supposed to be beneficial for to help open your pelvic floor, makes more room and encourages baby to move down into the birth canal, and can also ease constipation and pressure on the pelvic floor. So we’re adding these in too!

4. Pure Barre 3x a week: I’ve been really trying to listen to my body and move when it needs it and rest when it needs it. I’m not perfect at this but I’m working on it. I’ve been doing barre throughout almost my whole pregnancy and I swear it’s made me feel so good. It gives me energy, helps relieve my backaches, and just puts me in the best mood! If I don’t go to barre, I try to get in some form of movement that day whether it’s a walk, at home yoga, or at home barre (I love Nourish Move Love’s third trimester workout). I’ve heard multiple ladies say that barre helps their labor and pregnancy SO MUCH. They say that labor is the biggest workout of your life, so I would think you’d want to prepare for this. We also do lots of squats and it’s low impact so they are GREAT moves for pregnancy!

5. Spending 20 min outside everyday: Haven’t been great at this especially since I have bad allergies, but this improves my mood substantially! There’s nothing like a little sunshine to brighten your day. This one is just for everyone, not just pregnancy related. HERE is an article about the benefits of being outdoors!

6. Supplements: This is the last one. I’ve been focusing on taking 3 things. Let me tell you though, I forgot a lot. So trying to get better, because it’s never too late!

Prenatal– I’ve been taking Rainbow Light (they are big and don’t taste good, but I take the once a day ones so they’re bearable)

DHA– Just started incorporating this one! I’m taking the algae DHA from Garden of Life, because apparently with the algae you can’t take too much and with the fish DHA there could be mercury exposure, but I’m not a doctor so you do you!

-BioHM Probiotic- I take one of these every night before bed (you can take it whenever, this is just when I remember), but let me tell you. I have never been more regular. I know a HUGE thing pregnant woman deal with is constipation. I have had zero problems as soon as I started taking this. They’re expensive but worth it in my opinion. Whatever is going on in them is WORKING in my body so I’m loving them & Thomas takes them too!

Okay, so maybe that feels like a lot. Maybe it doesn’t. Everything is pretty spaced out through the day so I’m getting pretty good at remembering! Getting so close to meeting our little guy and I can’t wait! Maybe these things will help, maybe they won’t? But again, it’s worth a try and I have nothing to lose. I’m just praying for a healthy baby and mama through labor, delivery, and after. Can’t wait for you guys to meet baby T & for you guys to meet him too!





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