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Trader Joe’s is just one of the best places ever. It’s small and easy to walk through, has the friendliest staff, phenomenal prices, and a ton of fun products to try! Apparently you guys feel the same way so figured I’d share some of our favorite things (so far). I have pictures of most items but will also include a list of things we love that I didn’t get a photo of at the end of each section! I’m also including a list of top suggestions from you guys at the end of the post 🙂


*Side note on snacks- When it comes to snacks, I’m pretty simple at the end of the day. I mostly just snack on fruit & peanut butter, energy balls, gomacro or perfect bars, chips & salsa/ guacamole, and crackers, hummus & cheese on our everyday. That’s just what I like and my own personal preference! You all sent SO many fun snacks to try & most were delicious, but I didn’t add them to my list because they probably aren’t something I’d buy often. Fun to try here and there but not on my list of favorites! Except for the peanut butter pretzels, because those deserved a spot!

Peanut Butter Pretzels– These are probably one of the snacks I will buy! So good, because I LOVE pretzels & peanut butter (obviously) and the boys love them too!

Organic Crunchy Peanut Butter– My favorite. I like my nut butter simple and salty. Just nuts & salt and this one is delicious. They use valencia peanuts which just taste so much better.

Sunflower Seed Spread (unsweetened)– A great alternative to nut butter if you can’t have it or just want to change it up which sometimes I do!

Crunchy Almond Butter– The is my favorite almond butter hands down. Obsessed with the crunchiness and it has the perfect amount of salt!

GoMacro Bars- Obviously love TJ’s 100x more because they sell both of my favorite bars. Top GoMacro flavors: oatmeal chocolate chip, double chocolate + peanut butter chips, peanut butter chocolate chip. Plus they’re dairy free so I’ll be living on these while nursing Noah!

Perfect Bars- My other obsession. I eat 2 bars & those only. GoMacro & Perfect and I’ve been eating them since college. Obsessed. TJ’s has a bunch of flavors (& one of the cheapest prices), but they also carry the trail mix & chocolate chip cookie dough flavors (exclusive to TJ’s) & they are both amazing!

Organic Seeded Bread- Reminds me almost exactly of Dave’s Killer Bread, which we love. It’s super good and soft (been really digging soft bread), and T loves it too so it’s toddler approved!

Organic Dill Pickle Spears- My favorite store bought pickles are McClure’s hands down! But they are so expensive. These are officially my 2nd favorite store bought pickle. They are so so good!

Organic Tomato & Roasted Red Pepper Soup- Absolute best boxed tomato soup I’ve ever had. We love keeping this around to have with grilled cheeses for a super easy dinner.

Ginger Chews- My addiction. Best price I’ve found on GinGins yet, and one of my favorite things. They’re just like a chewy ginger candy and I love grabbing some to keep around sometimes! I only buy them sometimes, because I go through them SO quickly!

Not pictured but also love: chomps meat sticks, fig & olive crisp crackers, whole wheat pasta, sundried tomatoes.


*I combined these two categories because I don’t have many photos of the produce category. I personally just try to buy organic produce when we can and from all different stores but TJ’s definitely has the best prices!

Organic Mediterranean Style Salad Kit- They sell a Taylor Farms version of this that we buy at Costco that I am obsessed with! But this one is right up there with it. Such a favorite & a good way to change up my salads.

Romesco Dip- Highly suggested by you all & it was so good! Not something I’d get every time but would be so good on chicken, was good with crackers/ veggies/ cheese and someone suggested putting it on roasted cauliflower and that sounds amazing.

Cashew Fiesta Dip- Since I can’t have dairy right now, we decided to try this out and it’s delicious! Definitely have to warm it up because it’s hard when it’s cold. Super good with chips and we topped our burrito bowls with it. Will definitely buy it again for mexican nights!

Not pictured but also love: any organic veggies, organic berries (best prices), apples, pears, lemons, limes, medjool dates, bananas, etc.


Organic Chicken Breast- Great prices on organic chicken! Depending on where we are shopping we’ll buy chicken at TJ’s, Whole Foods, or Costco.

Organic Turkey Breast- We go through turkey breast like crazy when we have it so I usually have to buy two of these.

Organic Chicken Sausage- Love these chicken sausages. Simple ingredients & a super convenient easy protein to add to pasta, cauliflower gnocchi, etc.

Not pictured but also love: frozen ground turkey, frozen ground beef.


Carol’s Pastured Raised Eggs- Such a great price for eggs! We love these ones, love that they are pasture raised, and they have beautiful bright orange yolks! The best!

Kerrygold Butter– This is our absolute favorite butter. We use it on/ in everything!

Earth Balance Butter– Since I have to be dairy-free for Noah right now, this is my favorite butter alternative!

New Zealand Grass Fed Sharp Cheddar- TJ’s has the best prices on cheese! We love cheese for snacking, melting, sandwiches, topping, etc. This is a favorite!

Not pictured but also love: unexpected cheddar cheese, triple creme Brie, goat gouda


Vegetable Fried Rice- This one is such a favorite of ours. It makes dinner so easy! We usually scramble eggs in, pair it with salmon, or with the mandarin orange chicken.

Cauliflower Gnocchi- This is not something I’d typically go for first thing, but we actually love it. Don’t boil it though, only bake! I bake it at 425 degrees for 25 minutes (thawed for like 5 minutes before on the pan) and drizzle with a tiny bit of avocado oil, sea salt, and garlic powder. Then I broil it for 5 more minutes until they get crispy! They have a kind of chewy texture that we all love. I usually mix them with chicken sausage and some kind of sauce: pesto, rao’s marinara, or parmesan/ olive oil.

Wild Sockeye Salmon- We buy this occasionally to keep frozen for an easy dinner when we want to throw it on the grill or make my asian salmon recipe.

Not pictured but also love: mandarin orange chicken (great to pair with the veggie fried rice), vegetable gyoza, chicken & veggie potstickers, frozen garlic naan, frozen berries, quinoa cowboy veggie burgers.


Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups- I can easily make my own peanut butter cups, and I usually do, but these are SUCH a treat! They are so good & incredibly addicting. Thomas & I fight over them!

Scandinavian Swimmers- Have recently discovered that Thomas is obsessed with gummy candies. I’m more of a chocolate girl, but these are hands down the best gummies I’ve ever tried. I have to buy them sparingly because Thomas will go through them in 2 days!

Candy Coated Chocolate Drops- Basically like M&M’s and T is a HUGE fan of these! Probably one of his favorite treats & we practice our colors with them haha!


Organic French Roast Cold Brew- We love this stuff! It’s super concentrated so you really only need 1/2 cup mixed with water or milk to make a glass! It makes about 12 servings and we both drink cold brew in the afternoon almost every day so this has been the best for us price wise!

GT’s Kombucha- I’ve been drinking this stuff for YEARS & I love that TJ’s sells it! Gingerade and Trilogy are my top flavors hands down. I don’t drink them all the time, but love them here and there!

That’s everything on our go-to list! I’m sure there are SO many other things we need to try and haven’t yet and I’ll keep sharing on stories when I find things we love! Overall, I like to keep things pretty simple so I don’t love buying too many crazy things haha but mostly items to make meals, snacks, dishes! I hope this list was helpful!

You all shared SO many suggestions with me so I wanted to share those here too in case you’re looking for some more things to try!


  • herbed tahini sauce- actually really liked this! reminded me of a hummus, but i still prefer hummus over this!
  • everything but the bagel nuts- these are super tasty actually. i’m not a big nut snacker (except for nut butter, so they didn’t make my list because it’s not something i’d usually buy)
  • peanut butter date bars- basically a knock off larabar and honestly softer & tastier in my opinion. we typically stick with gomacro & perfect bars so I don’t buy these but a great snack/ especially for kids.
  • kale cashew pesto- tried these back in the day when I wasn’t dairy-free and I honestly didn’t love it. I personally just love regular pesto though, so I’m interested to try it now that I have to be dairy free. If I wasn’t, I’d choose regular pesto all day.
  • sweet potato chips- we tried these & both liked them! definitely delicious & a fun change up but I’m not a big potato chip fan. I prefer tortilla chips!
  • dill pickle popcorn- also super good, and weirdly addicting. has a very strong pickle flavor, which we really like, but i think i’d still rather snack on a bag of white cheddar or chicago style.
  • jerk style plantain chips- very spicy & also delicious. i think i prefer the regular flavor though so i could use them to dip in anything. i basically like things that are a vessel for dip if you can’t tell.
  • neopolitan jojo’s- these were DELICIOUS! the only reason they didn’t make it on my list is because I love to dip oreos (which these basically are) in peanut butter & I think I’d prefer the chocolate or vanilla flavors for that!


  • jalapeno hot sauce
  • crunchy onion chili in olive oil
  • murasaki sweet potatoes
  • cauliflower & jalapeno dip
  • elote corn chips
  • sweet potato gnocchi
  • gorgonzola crackers
  • strawberry dairy free ice cream
  • hatch chile popcorn
  • brownie crisp coffee ice cream sandwiches
  • chimichurri rice (frozen)
  • black bean soup (box)
  • cauliflower thins
  • green dragon sauce
  • kale cashew pesto
  • cookie ice cream sandwiches
  • dark chocolate covered pretzels
  • bambino pizzas
  • cinnamon graham crackers
  • organic tahini
  • cowboy chocolate bark
  • truffle black pepper ketchup
  • frozen cauliflower rice stir fry
  • sriracha bbq sauce
  • marcona rosemary almonds
  • dill pickle hummus
  • bambas
  • dark chocolate almonds
  • frozen croissants 
  • coconut coffee creamer
  • dried baby bananas
  • green goddess dressing
  • buffalo chicken dip
  • jaipur veggies with jasmine rice
  • vegetable spring rolls
  • chili lime seasoning


  1. There is so much to say! Lol. My husband works for Trader Joe’s so I get a bit of an insider take on things… they have aqua kefir flavors exclusive to them… the sugar free bacon! Try the bambas! Their organic hamburger patties ready to go. That frozen wild salmon is so good! their fruit bars for kids without any added sugar – just fruit concentrates… their Greek salad and their unique salad dressing blends in the cold produce section. They have so much good stuff.

    • Oh wow, thank you for all of these! We love the frozen wild salmon and just ate it the other night! Also grabbed their bacon to try and I can’t wait! Need to check out the others, thank you for all the insider tips 🙂


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