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Discount Codes


Here is a list of all our discount/ affiliate codes! Some are discount codes which means they’re just a discount for you from the company, and the others are affiliate codes which means we get paid a small percentage of your purchase without taking anything from you. Thank you for helping to support me and my family 🙂 These are all items we use personally and love! Let us know if you try anything out and love it too!

PERFECT SUPPLEMENTS: DADDIO10 for 10% off, but if you order 3 items from their website, you get 20% off & it stacks with my code so you’ll get 30% off!

Favorites- beef liver (we use this as our multivitamin, more info here), hydrolyzed collagen (we put this in our coffee), MCT oil (Thomas blends this into his coffee or protein shake)


Favorites- Chicken + beef bone broth for digestion, nutrients, and a happy gut.

WILDGRAIN BOX: DADDIOSKITCHEN for $10 off your first box + FREE croissants in every box!

Best sourdough bread of all time (if you don’t want to make your own)! Everything comes frozen and you bake it from frozen for fresh bread. Simple ingredients and a box of breads, pastries and pastas supporting small businesses.


Our go-to whey based protein! Thomas uses this for his protein shake every day! I also love using it for smoothies, energy balls, and lots of things. It’s even just fabulous in almond milk & that’s saying something!

Favorites– brownie batter, vanilla, & they have a ton of amazing flavors but love the classics for versatility!

OATHAUS GRANOLA BUTTER- OH10LEXDADDIO for 10% off your first order

This stuff is so addicting! So incredible and such fun flavors. My favorites are: birthday cake, cookie dough, brownie batter, vanilla, and pumpkin spice.


Thomas’ go-to clothing line for t-shirts, henleys, & sweatshirts! You’ll see him wearing them majority of the time in stories/ videos. They just launched a women’s line which I’m going to try and I’ll report back!

REDMOND SALT- daddioskitchen for 15% off

We love redmond salt and have used it for years!! I was so excited to become an affiliate for them. I recently tried their Relyte electrolyte drinks too and I’m obsessed. They’re essentially the same thing as Liquid IV, but I will say the ingredients are just a little higher quality and they use stevia instead of sugar. They are both fabulous and I’ll honestly still use both! It just depends on what you’re going for! These ones come out to $1.50 a stick before my code!

SOUPER CUBES- daddioskitchen10 for 10% off

You guys these cubes are amazing! They’re food storage cubes and they come in the perfect portion sizes for all sorts of things so that you’re able to freeze food in portions. They make it so easy to freeze things like soups, stocks, smoothies, etc. and are honestly incredible! They’re basically like giant ice cubes for food!

PRIMALLY PURE– LEX10 for 10% off on your first order

Another clean skincare brand we love. This is what Thomas uses exclusively & I love using some of the products for myself and the boys!

Favorites– deodorant (geranium, lavender), baby balm, body butter (almond + vanilla), complexion spray (everything, geranium), cleansing oil, clarifying serum, face masks, lip balm (cocoa, creamsicle)

JOJO’S– LEX10 for 10% off

A delicious chocolate bar made with simple ingredients & added protein. Perfect when you want something sweet but not heavy!

Favorites– peanut butter delight, original

ABLE– DADDIO15 for 15% off

Some of my favorite clothing has come from Able! I love the simple style and the mission behind the company. Obsessed with their leather bags & jewelry too. It’s where my initial necklace for the boys is from!

LIQUID IV- daddioskitchen for 25% off & free shipping

These are amazing for extra hydration! We use them whenever we feel like we need the electrolytes. Thomas drank them a ton during half marathon training & I love using them when breastfeeding to stay hydrated. These ones come out to $1.30 a stick before my code!

Favorites– hydration multiplier (strawberry, lemon lime, watermelon, pina colada), energy multipler (lemon ginger)

AIR DOCTOR- This isn’t a discount code, but they have sales all the time!

Little Thomas is very sensitive and gets a lot of allergies/ stuffy very quickly! The air doctor helps to purify your air and circulates it. I’ve really noticed a huge difference with how he sleeps at night with using it! So much less stuffy. It’s also super quiet which is nice. Checking the filter and seeing all the nasty junk from the air is so gross yet so satisfying haha!

CARLY JEAN CLOTHING- This isn’t a discount code, but they have sales all the time!

This brand is one of my absolute favorites for basics. I live in the dresses and jean jacket! I recently got a pair of jeans to try as well and LOVE them. They are so comfortable, soft, and stretchy and I usually really don’t like jeans haha.


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