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Merry almost-Christmas! I’m a little late on a holiday gift guide (#momlife), but in case you still need some ideas, I’m sharing a few of our favorites! I’ve actually never done a gift guide, but I thought it’d be fun to share a few things we personally love, and some things we put on the kids’ Christmas lists!

If there is one thing I’ve been trying to be more aware of over the past year, it’s where my products are coming from. I’ve been really wanting and trying to buy less and buy better by choosing high quality, ethically made goods that are Fairtrade certified when I can.

Fairtrade is so much more than improving trading conditions. It affects the daily lives of farmers and workers in other parts of the world. A small way to make a difference is by purchasing Fairtrade products. Four of the biggest categories that are impacted are coffee, chocolate, bananas, and clothing or textiles, so I’ve been working on buying items with the blue and green Fairtrade labels (pictured above). You can learn more about Fairtrade America HERE!

The Fairtrade Mark appears on more than 30,000 products globally and new brands are committing to Fairtrade every day. (Fun fact, Ben & Jerry’s is Fairtrade! What a perfect excuse to buy more ice cream!)

So below is a mix of my gift guide with items that are Fairtrade certified and some that aren’t. I’m working on it everyday, and while I’m not all the way there yet, even one purchase or change can help make a difference!

Holiday Gifts for Adults


Lidl Way To Go Chocolate Bar

Honestly though, why wouldn’t chocolate be first on the list? What better than to give the gift of chocolate! One of the biggest items I’ve been trying to buy fair trade is chocolate bars. I didn’t realize all that happens in the chocolate industry until recently and it’s so sad. That’s why chocolate has been one of my #1 items to buy Fairtrade to start to make a difference.

Lidl is leading the way with the first ‘Super Fairtrade’ private label chocolate bar in the United States, contributing directly to a living income for cocoa farmers. Their new Way To Go! bars use 100% traceable and sustainable Fairtrade cocoa sourced from small cocoa farmers within the Kuapa Kokoo cooperative in Ghana. They guarantee that farmers at the cooperative receive at least the Fairtrade Minimum Price for cocoa and the Fairtrade Premium, an extra sum of money for farmers to invest in their farms and communities. Additionally, Lidl has partnered with Fairtrade to pay an innovative second premium for every metric ton of cocoa purchased for the Way To Go! bars. Lidl’s premium helps farmers increase income, diversify into new categories like honey, rice or soap, and develop new farming techniques to increase yields and income over the long term.

You can find fair trade chocolate all over the place now, thankfully! Just look for the signature blue & green fair trade label on the bar. Other great fair trade chocolate brands are: Divine, Fran’s Chocolate, Lily’s Sweets, Tony’s Chocolonely, and even Trader Joe’s!


Primarily Pure products

I talk about Primally Pure ALL THE TIME. We use their products for everything! I use the baby line for the kids, Thomas uses the entire face skincare line and beard oil. We both use the deodorant, and it’s amazing! I’m also recently obsessed with their essential oils and diffuse them all the time. Their lip balm is my go to. I love their whipped body butter (it’s dreamy – especially the holiday scent).

I mean I’m truly in love with the company and their products. I’ve been using them for years and it’s been so amazing to watch their company grow and expand! You can also use the code LEX10 for 10% off on your first order!


Boll & Branch sheets

We recently got new Boll & Branch sheets and a duvet cover and LOVE them! Not only do I love the products, but I love the company and what they stand for. They use organic Fairtrade cotton bedding and their products are pure and chemical-free. Our sheets are super comfortable and I love that their products are ethically sourced so they are helping support thousands of factory workers, farmers, and their families.


“Modern Comfort Food” cookbook by Ina Garten

I don’t really have too much to say on this one, other than Ina Garten is the absolute BEST! Her recipes are simple and classic and you literally can’t go wrong with her recipes, especially her baked goods! Her new cookbook is loaded with so many fun things to make! My goal in life is to cook through one of her cookbooks eventually!


Terra Thread cotton mesh bag

I love this bag so much! I try to use reusable bags whenever I can, but sometimes I forget and they’re bulky. This one gets so small and fits in my purse so I never forget it. I use it when I’m picking up groceries all the time. You never know when you might need a little bag. It’s also so durable and holds way more than you think! The company is also amazing, and for every bag sold, they donate 10 meals through Feeding America. On top of donating to a good cause, Terra Thread makes their products with organic Fairtrade certified cotton.


Yeti coffee mug

These mugs are the BEST for keeping your drinks hot or cold! It keeps my coffee hot for hours, which is incredibly ideal with kids! It’s one of my favorite items in my kitchen.


Everlane French terry crew neck sweatshirt

This was one of my first purchases when I wanted to try to buy more sustainable and be more thoughtful with my purchases. I have a long way to go, but shopping from Everlane is one of my favorite spots. The clothing is really great quality too & this top is worn more than I want to admit!


Ethical Bean Coffee

Coffee has really become one of my favorite things. I go to bed dreaming about my morning cup. I just love it so much. Why not give coffee as a Christmas gift? It’s a great way to support Fairtrade since it’s one of the most impacted categories and it’s a gift you KNOW will be used and appreciated! I’ve tried Ethical Bean, and Thomas & I both love it! You can order it online but I’ve also seen it in stores like Kroger & Whole Foods.


Letter bracelet, necklace, or ring made by GracePersonalized on Etsy

I’m always asked about my necklace I wear with the T on it! It’s actually a brand called Kacey K, and I bought it years ago from a local store I used to work at. The “T” actually stands for Thomas my husband, not little T, but it works for both. Now I just need an “N” for Noah! The Kacey K are pretty pricey, but I found these cute ones on Etsy that a friend has that I love! I want to get either a ring or bracelet so I can have all my boys names but it would be a cute gift and the shop has great reviews!

Holiday Gifts for Kids


Simka Rose bibs

Simka Rose is our absolute favorite when it comes to most things baby. It all started when T started eating and my mom ordered me one of the bibs. Since then, I’ve become close with the owner of the company and she is so incredibly sweet. She’s expanded her products and runs her own small business, and I love supporting her!

They have a ton of products now, but our personal favorites are: bibs, plates, spoons, swaddles, & straws. You can also use my discount code for DADDIO20 for 20% off on their website!


Name puzzle made by BusyPuzzle on Etsy

My mom bought these for the boys a while back and they are so cute! Such a good activity to help T learn his name and how to spell it. Plus, they make a cute decoration for their rooms!


“Little Blue Truck’s Christmas” by Alice Schertle

“Little Blue Truck” is actually T’s favorite series of books! He always requests these or “Tractor Mac.” We’re trying to collect them all slowly and we actually got him this one for Christmas!


KidKraft Let’s Cook Wooden Play Kitchen

Play kitchens are such a classic toy and I cannot even believe we don’t have one yet! T loves to be in the kitchen and so do Thomas & I so it really only makes sense to get him one. I found this one and thought it was super cute with good reviews, so T’s getting this for Christmas too!


Hydroflask water bottle

We got T a hydroflask water bottle for his birthday and it’s 100% his most used item! He loves it and it’s perfect for on-the-go. I’m going to get Noah one at some point too when we can drink from a bottle like this! My siblings got them for their kids too and everyone loves them! They’re so worth it!


Cuddle and Kind “Sebastian the lamb”

T has one of the the big cuddle + kind stuffed animals and he loves it. He sleeps with him always. He has like 8 stuffed animals and always has to have his “babies”, but this one is one of his favorites! This brand is also Fairtrade and the story behind it is really sweet. It all started with a family of 5 and for every hand-knit doll sold, 10 meals are given to a child in need. So not only are you getting your child a precious little animal, but you’re also helping someone else’s child!



These are one of our top items of 2020! One of my good friends told me about Magnatiles and they have quickly become a favorite item of T’s. To be honest, they’re actually really fun to play with. They’re magnets that you can build with and you can start with one box or buy a bigger one and then keep adding to your collection so you can build bigger. The box says ages 3-99 and they say that for a reason, because they’re really awesome for all ages!

I hope this helps give you some holiday gift ideas if you need them! Merry Christmas!

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