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Hospital Bag Checklist


Hi guys! Two and half months into having Roman and I’m FINALLY sharing my hospital bag checklist! This is a list of everything I brought and used, things you guys told me to add after adding a question box on Instagram, and some extra things you can bring but don’t have to! I included things you can bring for dad and baby too. I hope it helps it whether you’re pregnant with your first, third, or want to get something for a pregnant friend!

For Mama:

  • Hospital gown– I used an Ingrid & Isabel labor gown that I got before T, but they discontinued it! I loved having my own, because hospitals freak me out. Wearing my own gown made me feel less like a patient, but it’s definitely not a requirement. They don’t have the same one I used, but I found a similar one!
  • Robe – I bought my robe from Pink Blush, and I still wear it all the time! It’s comfortable, easy to throw on, and nurse in. Good for pregnancy and postpartum and it’s so soft.
  • Nursing nightgown– I had a nursing nightgown from Ingrid & Isabel and wore it pretty much the whole time with my robe over! I can’t find the same one, but I linked some good ones from Target. Having nursing dress/ tanks are so helpful for the middle of the night if you’re breastfeeding.
  • Sweatpants/ leggings– I loved having a cozy pair of sweatpants in case my legs got cold. I brought leggings, but honestly had no desire to put on anything tight. I basically stayed in nursing dresses/ robes/ pajamas.
  • Jammies– I got these pajamas from Target and they’re so soft and comfy! They button so they’re easy for nursing too!
  • Going home outfit– I always brought something to go home in. Leggings, shirts, or a loose dress. Something comfy and easy.
  • Comfy socks/ slippers– I brought all the options here! I brought warm & cozy socks, grippy socks (I just used my pure barre ones), and then I also brought slippers because I love slippers and my feet get cold!
  • Pillow – We have nice comfy pillows and I really wanted to sleep well so we brought our own!
  • Toothbrush / toothpaste
  • Deodorant– Very much required, especially when the night sweats begin. Not sure if that happens to everyone but it happens to me. I love the beautycounter one in the coconut scent.
  • Shampoo / conditioner/ body wash – Pretty sure most hospitals have their own, but I prefer my own! I actually had the mini versions of the beautycounter one’s and they smell amazing & work great!
  • Hair dryer– I liked having this to be able to blow dry my hair and feel like myself when people came to visit!
  • Makeup & chapstick – I didn’t wear a lot, but I love makeup so no shame in bringing it to make you feel a little more like yourself. Only if you want! I also love using this Dew Skin (a tinted moisturizer) for a little bit of coverage when I’m not wearing makeup!
  • Skincare– I brought my Beautycounter items and kept it simple! I just brought my mini countertime set and it was perfect!
  • Hairbrush/ hair ties/ clips
  • Dry shampoo
  • Lotion – If you want, but I didn’t end up using mine much!
  • Herbel perineal spray– The hospital does have everything you need, at least ours did, but this is nice to have!
  • Nipple butter– The hospital does provide lanolin usually if you want to use theirs, but I liked bringing my own!
  • Reusable breast pads– I didn’t end up using these much since I didn’t really start leaking until my milk fully came in, but good to have regardless.
  • Checkbook– You’ll want your checkbook for baby’s birth certificate!
  • Insurance card & ID– You usually need these when you check into the hospital.
  • Cash– Just in case and someone suggested change for vending machines if you need it!
  • Debit/ credit cards
  • Extra long phone charger– Game changer because the plugs are usually a little further away so either a long charger or even an extension cord would work.
  • Portable speaker/ headphones & charger– We brought our portable speaker, but I found that I really just used my headphones or played music out loud on my phone! I always like having a labor playlist as well!
  • Birth preferences (printed out)– If you have them of course! We used a doula with T and she helped me write mine but I don’t think I ever pulled them out. It was just nice to have stuff written down so I wouldn’t forget.
  • Prenatal vitaminsI love these ones!
  • All the snacks- I always bring so many snacks and food to have! I had time when I went into labor so I brought some extras but I packed: perfect bars, gomacro bars, trail mix, energy bites, granola, chomps meat sticks, yogurt, baked oatmeal slices, jojo’s chocolate (code LEX10 for 10% off), gum, liquid IV (code daddioskitchen for 25% off), leftovers from dinners in a tupperware haha! We always store some food in the refrigerator at the hospital. We also had some family bring food and we even did uber eats as well as ordered from the hospital! We were set!


  • Towel/ makeup wash cloth– The hospitals provides towels, but they’re very small and thin! They’re totally fine, but you could pack a nice plushy one if you prefer. I didn’t this time, but I did pack a face towel so it was soft.
  • Cometeer coffee capsules- The hospital coffee is never good haha, but Thomas isn’t picky so he’ll drink it! We had a starbucks in our hospital so I got an Americano each day! These capsules would be convenient though! You could even pack cold brew or whatever you prefer.
  • Portable stroller fan I didn’t use or pack one, but I do think this could be a great idea especially when you get hot!
  • Eye mask– Perfect to sleep no matter the time of day.
  • Ear plugs– Someone suggested these because her husband snored haha, wouldn’t be a bad idea to have!
  • Essential oils/ diffuser My doula had actually packed these when we were in labor with T and it was so nice! I didn’t pack them myself this time, but they would be convenient.
  • Heating pad- After labor, you experience a lot of cramping especially when baby is nursing. I never knew that until I learned myself. I always use a heating pad once I get home, but it would be a great idea to bring one if you have room.
  • Ipad or computer- We did bring our computer to have for netflix, but honestly I ended up watching it on my phone mostly!
  • Water bottle Okay I don’t know about your hospital, but honestly the water cups that the hospital provides are my favorite! I literally look forward to getting them, they’re the best!
  • Fun drinks- Lacroix, champagne, wine, etc.
  • Frida baby peri bottle So many people love this! I personally just use the bottles the hospital provides and I think they work just fine, but if you want your own these are always recommended by so many.
  • Blanket from home- Only if you want something extra cozy!
  • Breast pump– The hospitals do provide one if you need it. You should also be able to get a free one with insurance! Your milk usually takes a few days to come in so I’ve never used a pump at the hospital but some of you suggested having one!

For Dad:

  • Clothes / Sweat Clothes/ Pajamas- Thomas basically only wears Cuts at this point haha so he brought some of his favs like the t-shirts, sweatshirts, and joggers. (You can use the code DADDIOSKITCHEN for 15% off!)
  • Sneakers
  • Socks
  • Toiletries– Thomas uses all primally pure skincare and has for about 4 years! It’s his favorite! (You can use the code LEX10 for 10% off your first order!)
  • Something to do- books, netflix, etc!

For Baby:

  • Car seat – Obviously this one is pretty important to take him home in 🙂 We have the Uppa baby car seat, because we have the Uppa baby vista stroller and it’s worked great for all three. The stroller itself is definitely a littly heavy and semi-bulky but we do love it!
  • Baby Balm– We use the primally pure one and and LOVE it (LEX10 for 10% off your first order)! We didn’t use it much at the hospital, but I’m glad we brought it for the few times we did.
  • Hats – The hospital provides a little hat, but you can bring some of your own only if you want to.
  • Diapers/ Wipes – The hospital provides diaper and wipes, and so many people suggest taking as many home as you can! Which you totally should, and we did! However, Noah had super sensitive skin and so I was glad we brought some Honest diapers and water wipes! With T, I packed them because I was so particular about products and ingredients but now on the third baby, we just used everything then hospital provided haha!
  • Hand mittens – Helps keep his little hands warm and keeps him from scratching his face, and these ones stay on pretty good!
  • Swaddles – We pretty much kept him swaddled the whole time! You can use the ones from the hospital, but I have a hard time swaddling with their blankets because they’re so thick haha so I always asked a nurse to help, even with Roman!
  • Going Home Outfit – They have all sorts of cute options!
  • Pacifier – They had extra pacifiers in the hospital, but I love these for when they’re born and then these for a couple weeks in!
  • Warm blanket – I brought a blanket for T to keep him warm over the swaddle. However, he honestly didn’t need it. The hospital really provides everything you need, but it is nice to have if you want! We actually never put him in clothes at the hospital. We just kept him in a diaper, hat, swaddle, and sometimes the blanket if needed. That way he was always doing skin-to-skin & you really just don’t even need to dress him. Less clothes to wash too!

Hopefully this is helpful if you’re pregnant or if you know someone pregnant and who could use this list! It was definitely all I personally needed. I felt prepared, but not like we had TOO much! Of course the extras are fun and nice, but just remember the hospital totally provides more than you think!



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