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Top Baby Items Guide


I hope everyone has been enjoying these guides! I was asked multiple times about our top baby items picks, so I finally got around to making a little guide! This is a post with my top baby items from birth to about 3 months old. I know it’s different from our normal recipe sharing, but I really hope that this is helpful! I honestly get super excited when others reach out asking for items I have used for my boys! Hopefully it helps narrow down some items for you, because I know the options are overwhelming! If anything, I hope I can help another mama out or help anyone who wants to get a gift for a mom! I know that not all of you have kids, or intend to, and that is totally fine too, of course! The majority of our posts are food related, but we sprinkle in a little bit of things like this!

I am certainly not an expert, but I’m also not a beginner on the third time around. Many of these items I have used since my first boy and they have lasted and held up just fine. Obviously, every baby and budget is different, but I highly recommend and personally love and use each item. If you are a new mom and confused with all the options or simply looking to try something new the second, third, or fourth time around be sure to check out these top baby items we love!

Photo of baby items recommended in this post
  1. Baby Wash Cloths – These wash cloths are super soft and we’ve loved them for our boys! We typically use Honest or Puracy bath soap as well when our babes are super little.
  2. Nuk Pacifiers – Every child is so different here so it’s always hard to suggest these kind of things. Some kids take pacifiers, some refuse them, some take every kind, some take only one kind haha. All three of our boys have taken these just fine. I also usually use the Wubbanub type pacifiers when they’re first born just because they’re a little more natural.
  3. Dockatot – This is something we’ve used for all our kids too! It’s amazing because you can lay it anywhere. It’s often on our table or couch, but all our babies have loved it. I haven’t tried the snuggle me organic, but it’s a similar option I know that people love too!
  4. Hatch Sound Machine – We love this sound machine. It’s fun to have different colors too as your baby gets older and they want to pick a color!
  5. Primally Pure Baby Balm – I love this stuff so much! I’ve been using Primally Pure’s baby balm since T and it works so great. I love how clean the ingredients are and I’ve even got some of my best friends sold on it too! You can use the code LEX10 for 10% off!
  6. Sakura Bloom Carrier – There are SO many carriers out there! Some people love to strap on their baby, some don’t, and some babies don’t like it haha. Overall, all three of my kids have loved it and it helps make me hands free so I love it. I was gifted this one when I had T and I’ve loved it since! It’s easy to use and so cute. I know so many people love the Solly baby wrap, but it always felt too complicated for me. I’ve also heard the artipoppe is great! It’s definitely super cute but very pricey!
  7. Water Wipes – The best wipes! They’re literally just water and grapefruit extract. Noah had really sensitive skin and I couldn’t use anything else, but I just love these in general especially when they’re so little because they’re so gentle.
  8. Baby Bjorn Bouncer – Hands down my favorite. All my boys live in this thing. Once they get big enough, it’s the perfect thing to set them in to keep them upright (especially after eating). They love to be able to look around and observe! You can even put it in a newborn or layback position so Roman naps in there when he is with me. We bring it outside – it goes everywhere, and it’s nice because it folds up and takes up minimal space.
  9. Bath Towel – You gotta have a soft bath towel for baby after bath! You can’t go wrong here, but we love this one!
  10. Happiest Baby Swaddle – This is my first time using this swaddle and I love it! It’s so easy to use and is so quick. We have the Halo swaddle and love that too be the velcro on the halo gets worn after awhile!
  11. MAM bottles – For my first two boys, I actually used the tommee tippee bottles which I really liked! However, Roman needed a slower flow bottle because of reflux issues, and these were top rated. I bought them and they’ve been great! Of course, bottles can totally be dependent on your baby and their preference, but someone none of the boys have been picky!
  12. Graco Swing – This is a hit or miss item! My first boy, T, didn’t like the swing at all. Noah sort of did, and Roman loved it! So it totally depends on your kid. Some people also love the Mamaroo, but we’ve never tried that one!

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