My Favorite Baking Tools


Here’s a list of my favorite baking tools! All the items are things I use the most, except the rolling pin, but I explain that below! Most of them are also things I’ve had since we got married 5 years ago, so they last well. Baking is my therapy so I have to make sure I have good tools to bake! These are the things I find myself grabbing the most! Hope this is helpful for anyone that’s looking for some functional and cute baking items!

Photo of Lex's favorite baking tools with pictures of each item.
  1. Gold Measuring cups & spoons– These are the cutest measuring cups and spoons! I love the mix of gold and wood. They’re sturdy and work great.
  2. Pyrex measuring cups– These are a classic in any kitchen! Pyrex are the best measuring cups for liquid and I even use them as little mixing bowls.
  3. Oven mitt– Cutest oven mitt for the kitchen! Love both color options.
  4. Cookie scoop– I use this scoop all the time! I have the large size and the small. I use the large one for scooping cookie dough (especially my best salted chocolate chip cookies) and for ice cream. I use the little one to scoop energy bites and even for little meatballs.
  5. Kitchenaid hand mixer– I love a hand mixer, I use this so often. I actually have a stand mixer too, but just having a hand mixer is so helpful to do so many things.
  6. USA baking pans– These are hands down my favorite baking pans. I use them for everything and I love the sheet pans, loaf pans, muffin tins, and cake pans. One of the best baking tools!
  7. Silicone baking mat– These reusable baking mats are so convenient, especially if you want to save on parchment paper. Nothing sticks to them so I always use them for my cookies as well as many other things! They’re super easy to use and the best.
  8. Glass mixing bowls– I got this for our wedding and they’re the most used bowls I use. I love the variety of sizes.
  9. Marble rolling pin– I don’t use a rolling all that often, but I count it as a top item, because I think it just looks so pretty in the kitchen. I keep mine on the counter so it doubles are functional and decoration!

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