Our Discount Codes


Here is a list of all our discount/ affiliate codes. These are all brands that we personally use and love ourselves. Some of the codes we get a percentage back on and others we don’t. Either way, thank you so much for supporting our little family in so many ways!

Perfect Supplements- DADDIO10 for 10% off

  • Favorites: collagen, chocolate collagen, beef liver, coconut oil, acerola powder

ARMRA Colostrum- DADDIOS for 10% off

Equip Protein- DADDIOS for 15% off

  • Favorites: chocolate + strawberry protein

Kale Diagnostics- DADDIO5 for 5% off

Purity Coffee- DADDIOS20 for 20% off your first purchase

  • Favorites: EASE, BALANCE

Smidge Magnesium- DADDIO10 for 10% off

  • Favorites: AM + PM magnesium

Redmond Sea Salt + Relyte- DADDIO for 15% off

  • Favorite relyte: pina colada, strawberry, watermelon

Seed Probiotics- DADDIO for $10 off

Beautycounter– CLEANFORALL20 for 20% off your first order

  • Favorites: vitamin C serum, overnight resurfacing peel, countertime supreme cream, countertime eye cream, sugar scrub, miles away perfume, cream blush, eyebrow gel

Primally Pure- DADDIOSKITCHEN10 for 10% off

  • Favorites: soothing cream, beard oil, face masks

Kettle + Fire- DADDIOSKITCHEN for 20% off

AirDoctor- No discount, just a favorite!

Berkey Water Filter- No discount, just a favorite!

Wildgrain Box DADDIOSKITCHEN for $10 off their first box + FREE Croissants in every box! 

OatHaus Granola Butter- OH10LEXDADDIO for 10% off your first order

LiquidIV- daddioskitchen for 25% off & free shipping

Cuts Clothing- DADDIOSKITCHEN for 15% off

Able Clothing- DADDIO15 for 15% off

Carly Jean Los Angeles Clothing- No discount, just a favorite.

Ancestral Supplements- DaddiosKitchen for 15% off first order

  • Favorites: beef brain, beef liver

Clean Simple Eats Protein- DADDIO for 10% off


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