Blueberry Almond Baked Oatmeal



This blueberry almond baked oatmeal is perfect to prep & eat all week, plus T loves it too!


-2 cups oats

-2 tsp chia seeds

-1 tsp baking powder

-1 tsp cinnamon

-1/2 tsp sea salt

-1 1/2 cups whole milk (or milk of choice)

-1 egg

-1 tsp vanilla

-1/4 cup almond butter

-2 bananas, mashed

-1/2-3/4 cup blueberries


All you have to do is preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Mash the bananas & mix together with the wet ingredients. In a separate bowl mix together the dry ingredients. add the wet to the dry. mix it all up. Fold in the blueberries & reserve a handful for topping! Pour it into a coated 9×9 baking dish, top with more blueberries & bake for 28-30 min! Let cool & store in the fridge for up to a week. I love freezing individual slices to pop out whenever you need a quick breakfast!



  1. This was so good! 😋

  2. What kind of oats did you use???

  3. Just made this this morning. So good!! Love that it has no added sugar, since I’m sharing with my toddler.

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