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Pregnancy So Far + 15 Week Update


December 18, 2017 | Lex Daddio


Hi guys! You said you wanted pregnancy updates, so here we go! If there’s any other info you want to know, just send me a message!

Let’s do a quick overview of pregnancy so far. I haven’t been sick at all, and honestly, I’ve felt pretty great! I mean it’s not all pretty flowers like this photo, but it’s been pretty wonderful. Also, just because I picked pink flowers doesn’t mean it’s a girl. I just liked the photo, haha! During my first trimester, I was definitely more tired than usual. Some days at like 5pm, I’d have to lay down for 30 min -1 hour to recharge. I didn’t feel like cooking at all, but mostly because I was super tired. Some foods grossed me out too. At this point, no meal sounded good UNLESS it had carbs. If it didn’t, gross.

I’ve had super random food aversions, but not too intense. Eggs are the biggest one! I tried them not too long ago in a frittata, and I actually enjoyed it (dipped in ketchup), but my stomachache was not happy after. I think I’m just going to stay away from eggs until it feels right again. Another very random one was pumpkin spice flavored anything. I don’t even know how this became an aversion. I’m usually very into all things pumpkin and pumpkin spice, but nope. I didn’t even want pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving (but apple is my fav anyway). That aversion has definitely gone now that I think of it, but I still haven’t had anything pumpkin so maybe it’s time I try. Last two, mushrooms, which I usually love, and goat cheese. Feta sounded great because something about the creamy goat cheese, no. I ate goat cheese last night and it was fabulous so that one is definitely gone. I can tolerate mushrooms, but still not super into the flavor. So that’s it!

As far as exercise in the first trimester, I was very tired and didn’t exercise too much. I did Pure Barre and some walks but most days I didn’t workout! My body needed that rest for sure.

So now for the second trimester, I’ve definitely had more energy. I can handle a meal without carbs now, but I still prefer most meals with carbs and I believe in eating lots of carbs outside of pregnancy too so that’s no different! I’ve noticed my body is happier on higher carb! I’ve been working out again, really craving lots of weights so I’ve been doing 21 day fix videos at home and walks! My body actually feels great! I don’t have a bump yet (trust me, I’m waiting!), but my boobs has definitely doubled in size (sorry if that’s TMI, but it’s true). So that’s different. Basically, I just feel pretty bloated still at this point. I can’t fit into my high-waisted jeans because they hit at a weird point and aren’t comfortable, but I’m still rocking my regular jeans so taking advantage of not having to buy new clothes yet!

I’ve had cravings for particular foods, but I’ll also eat anything so it’s not an extreme craving where I HAVE to have it now. I’ve been craving lots of Italian (mostly pizza & pasta), Thai (gimme all the stir frys and curries), Indian, & I always crave Mexican and Mediterranean. Mostly stuff I already loved, but just on a new level!

So now that I updated you on most of it, let’s get to this week! As far as food this week, I’ve been digging banana bread and banana, peanut butter toast. So lots of bananas and peanut buttery things. Also, craving lots of fruits! LOVING pears, apples, and bananas currently. Also craving bagels! Bagels with cream cheese, avocado, and sprouts are AMAZING. I’ve also REALLY loved sandwiches all of pregnancy. Like a classic turkey (or ham) and cheese with sides. SO satisfying.

I’ve been using Zoe Organics belly balm and butter all over my belly most days. Other days I use my Primally Pure blue yarrow all over my body. I’m also taking Silver Fern probiotics, and Throne Research prenatals. That’s it for that portion!

As far as exercise, I’ve done 3 21-day-fix videos and a yoga video. I’ve just rested the other days. I’m definitely listening to my body even more with movement so that feels good! I haven’t felt baby Daddio move yet, but I can’t wait for that either! I’ve been more productive and had more energy this week, which has been wonderful! Taking advantage of that. Favorite ways to relax this week: laying on my acupuncture mat, doing a face mask, cleaning, and watching the Crown with Thomas. (We just started this show, and we are loving it!)


We had our 16-week appointment the this week (a little early), but everything with our little babe is looking wonderful. My body is doing great and baby has a beautiful heartbeat, and is apparently moving around a lot, even though I can’t feel it. Little Daddio is the size of a navel orange, which still blows my mind!

I’m seeing a midwife in town, so I’m really excited about that. Her name is Wendy Dotson, and she is amazing. She attentive, so helpful, so sweet, and so gentle. I just love her. I’ll see her throughout the whole pregnancy, and then when it comes to delivery I will deliver at a hospital and Wendy’s team of midwives will deliver our little nugget. I’ll share more about my midwife experience down the road (when I have more personal experience).

Today, baby is officially 16 weeks and the size of an avocado! Feeling beyond grateful & so excited! It honestly still doesn’t feel really for either of us, I think once baby starts moving and I start showing it’ll feel more real! Thank you all for being on this journey with us and for following along!

Have a great week!



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