Thrive Market Shopping Guide


November 16, 2017 | Lex Daddio


If you’ve never heard of Thrive Market, it’s on online membership community that has some of my favorite health & food products at wholesale prices! Super convenient, always arrives quickly, and a budget friendly way to get lots of great items!

Use THIS link to get your first month of membership free!

Here are my go-to items that I typically order or have stocked in our home!

Cooking & Meal Ingredients:

-safe catch foods tuna

-organic crushed tomatoes

-organic tomato paste

-thrive market organic sprouted brown rice

-thrive market organic sprouted quinoa

-annie chun’s maifun brown rice or regular noodles

-banza chickpea pasta (& mac & cheese)

-annie’s homegrown white cheddar mac & cheese

-raos marinara sauce

-lundberg farms organic basmati rice

-thrive market organic regular coconut milk

-pacific farms chicken broth

-hatch green chilis


-annie’s cheddar puffs

-simple mills crackers

-farmhouse culture kraut krisps (dill pickle)

-organic nuts

-siete tortilla chips (nacho)

-organic raisins

-thrive market organic sprouted popcorn

-jilz crackers

-the new primal beef jerky & sticks

-mary’s gone crackers thins (italian herb)

-late july chia & quinoa tortilla chips

Candies, Desserts & Toppings:

-theo dark chocolate

-chocolove chocolate

-alter eco chocolate

-alter eco truffles

-justin’s dark chocolate pb cups

-the ginger people gin gins

-enjoy life chocolate chips

-thrive market organic dark chocolate chips

-yumearth candies

-surf sweets candies

Ghee, Oils & Vinegar:

-primal kitchen avocado oil

-thrive market organic coconut oil

-thrive market balsamic vinegar

-marukan organic rice vinegar

-fourth & heart ghee

-bragg organic olive oil

-chosen foods avocado oil spray


-bob’s red mil coconut flour

-bob’s red mill paleo pancake and waffle mix

-native forest organic coconut milk

-bob’s red mill almond flour

-bob’s red mill baking soda

-bob’s red mill arrowroot starch

-bob’s red mill cornbread mix

-rumford baking powder

-simple mills baking mixes mix

-simple mills pancake mix

-simple mills almond flour focaccia & sandwich bread

-king arthur organic all-purpose flour

-pamela’s gluten-free baking & pancake mix

-foodstirs baking mixes

Bars, Cereals, & Granolas:

-bob’s red mill oats (steel cut & rolled)

-purely elizabeth granola

-go macro bars

-barbara’s puffins

-barbara’s cheese puffs

-health warrior bars

Coffee & Tea:

-traditional medicinals tea (ginger, chamomile, peppermint, smooth move)

Condiments & Sauces:

-sir kensington’s dijon mustard

-primal kitchen dressing (caesar, honey mustard)

-annie’s homegrown organic bbq sauce

-primal kitchen avocado oil mayo

-bragg liquid aminos

-bragg apple cider vinegar

-cholula hot sauce

-thai red curry paste

-thai green curry paste

Honey & Sweetener:

-madhava organic raw honey

-madhava coconut sugar

-wholesome organic molasses

-wholesome organic sugars

Nut Butters & Fruit Spreads:

-eattnutzo crunchy power fuel

-crofter’s organic jam

Beverages & Drink Mixes:

-Natural calm magnesium drink (raspberry lemon)

Packaged Fruits & Vegetables:

-mcclure’s pickles

-farmer’s market foods organic pumpkin

Spices, Seasoning, & Salt

-thrive market organic spices (i buy these to refill my simply organic spice jars)

-simply organic spices

-simply organic vanilla extract

-bragg nutritional yeast

-celtic sea salt

Nuts, Seeds, & Trail Mixes:

-nutiva hemp seeds


-maca powder

-cacao powder


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