Weekend in D.C.


December 11, 2017 | Lex Daddio

Thomas & I went to D.C this past weekend, and it was honestly magical. The town was full of twinkling lights, it snowed, and it just felt like Christmas! We went to celebrate one of my best friend, Annie’s birthday!



We drove up on Friday night after Thomas got home and it started snowing! As soon as we made it an hour into the trip, the snow was gone which made for a clearer drive. We didn’t hit any traffic (thank the Lord!) and made it by 7pm. We checked into Hotel Hive, and it was so cute! It’s a micro-hotel and they’re all about providing you with everything you need and nothing you don’t. It’s modern and I loved the style! We got unloaded, changed, and headed to dinner at Sakerumfor Annie’s birthday dinner! Forgot to take pictures on Friday, oops

The restaurant was so delicious. We got a lot to share around the table but my highlights were the spicy edamame (obsessed), seaweed salad (best one I’ve had in a while), and my sushi roll. I got the Kazan roll, because all the fish was cooked and I’m preggers. Usually I go for the fresher rolls, but this one definitely hit the spot! We chatted, ate, and had a great time all together and stayed until about 10:30pm. By that time, Thomas & I were exhausted so we took an Uber home & passed out in our adorable hotel room.


We woke up bright & early Saturday morning! I have to say one of my favorite parts of the hotel room was the fact that you just pressed a button for the blinds to go up or down. So we clicked the button, and behold, it was snowing (barely but it was). Thomas went downstairs to grab us coffees while I got ready!

We hopped in an Uber and headed to breakfast at A Baked Joint. All their bread is fresh baked daily and organic! The line was SO long, but it actually went surprisingly fast. I found a table while Thomas waited and ordered. I ordered the pb, butter, banana, & honey toast, the pb&jam toast, and a side of bacon, because always! The bread was the dreamiest, fluffiest sourdough I’ve ever had. Like so soft and SO GOOD. Thomas got the B.L.T without the mayo, and he was very very happy with his order. I definitely suggest going here! Next time, I want to try their cinnamon rolls!


By this time, the snow was really coming down and it was pretty cold, but we decided to walk to the Hirschorn Musuem. Thomas had never been to any of the museums so he wanted to hit a few. It took like 30 minutes, but it felt so good to move our legs. The exhibit happening was the art from a guy named, Ai WeiWei. It was actually pretty cool, and he created all these crazy portraits out of legos. Pretty dang impressive, and very cool. We explored the museum for awhile and decided it was time for the next one.

We walked to the next one as well. Still very cold and snowy but honestly pretty dreamy! I did learn that I really need to learn how to dress properly for cold weather. Any tips welcome 🙂 On our way, we were so cold we decided to pop into Paul for a hot drink. I got organic mint tea and Thomas got a cappuccino. Paul is a chain that is also in Europe & I think it’s so cute! It was really cozy inside with dark interiors, red velvet chairs, and relaxing music.

We warmed up our bodies and then headed over to the Smithsonian American Art Musuem (East Wing) on 8th and F street. We went up to the third floor to the Lincoln Gallery, which was my favorite of the day. So much to admire, but my favorite was the display of the United States mapped out of the wall with old TV’s in each state playing something that had to do with that state. Idaho was showing potatoes, and Kansas was playing Dorothy. Does that make sense? I think you just have to see if, but I showed it on my stories too!

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After this we were ready for lunch, so we took an Uber back to the hotel so we could try out &pizza, which was on the bottom level of the hotel. It’s basically the Chipotle of pizza, but we sat at a cute little table and ordered it as a sit down. We shared 2 pizzas: the OG (aka margarita) and the Maverick, aka tomato, mozzarella, salami, pepperoni, italian sausage, parm, and a drizzle of pesto. Both we’re so good and we definitely had leftovers, which we brought back to the room, because you never know when you’re going to need some pizza!

After we ate lunch, enjoyed the heck out of it, and rested our legs for a little, we headed back out to check out the Renwick Gallery. I’ve been here with my friend before and the exhibit was amazing! However, this time they were setting up a wedding reception so part of it was closed. It was still fun to walk around, but not my favorite this time around. It’s right across from the White House so we stopped by there afterward. It was all decorated for Christmas and looked so pretty!

We were getting cold and a little sleepy at this point so we decided to go get some coffee. We ended up taking an Uber over to the CityCenter and then stopped into Peet’s Coffee. We both got cappuccinos (mine was half decaf for baby, and the sake of sleep). We sat by the window and watched the snow fall outside. It was dark outside at this point so everything was lit up and beautiful. It was so relaxing and really made it feel like Christmas.

I really wanted to stop through the CityCenter because it was decorated for Christmas. This area has a bunch of high-end stores and it’s really pretty. We walked a few blocks to get there and walked through. It was gorgeous. Winter wonderland, especially with the snow falling down on us! So glad we stopped here.

For dinner, we had SO MANY amazing suggestions from you all! We wanted to go to each one of them, and maybe one day we will! This time, we decided to try out The Red Hen. We didn’t have a reservation (because they were basically booked through December), but we thought we’d try to get a seat at the bar. Sometimes we love sitting at the bar and just eating there. It was also an open kitchen in the back so we got to watch everyone work. The Red Hen is a wood-fired, Italian eatery and it was delicious!

We walked in at 6pm, and thankfully there were some seats at the bar so we sat right down. I was thinking we wouldn’t be eating until 8pm so I was pretty excited! We started off with a club soda and lime for me, and the most delicious Pinot Noir for Thomas. We relaxed for a bit before starting to order. We’re huge fans of progressive dinners, and making them last awhile. Eventually, we decided to go ahead and order the brussels sprouts for an appetizer. The were a big portion (heck yes!) covered in a the most magical sauces of spicy honey chili & garlic tahini as well as toasted sesame and parmesan. I could have eaten them all myself. SO GOOD, still thinking about them. Next, we went ahead and orders entrees. I ordered the grilled free-range chicken which was a whole chicken leg on a wild mushroom risotto and Thomas ordered the caramelized scallops, which was served over toasted fregola (some kind of grain), with greens, prosciutto, and a garlic-lemon aioli. Mine was good, and Thomas’ was phenomenal. I definitely ate most of his because he always orders best no matter how hard I try. We also got a side of broccoli rabe that was absolutely delicious! Phenomenal dinner, super cozy, and very content! Great service as well.

After this, we rode over to The Wharf. Apparently this is a new area in D.C. full of restaurants, shops, a movie theater, hotels, and plenty of things to do, like ice skating! We decided what better place to ice skate than here? It was on the water and BEAUTIFUL. Thomas told me he had only been ice skating once, and apparently he has, but of course he was somehow racing across the ice, doing spins, and definitely trying to impress me (it worked). Meanwhile, I was not as great, made good friends with the rail. Also, had to be a little cautious for Baby Daddio of course! It was so fun though, I highly suggest checking this place out if you go to or live in D.C.

I was beat after this so we went back to the hotel and fell into bed. Slept so hard and probably slept for like 9 hours, the best!



We woke up Sunday and my legs were definitely sore from all the walking but it felt great. We got dressed and headed outside, no snow today, a little warmer outside, and full of sunshine. We walked over to Whole Foods, which was 5 min from us. We got coffees and giant waters and hung out there for a bit. The Whole Foods was 2 stories, and so adorable. Also, Hotel Hive is basically on George Washington University’s campus so we got to explore and check the campus out on our walk.


After coffee, we walked back to the hotel, got packed up, and ready to go to brunch. I snacked on a pear while I was packing, and it was perfectly ripe. I’ve been super into fruit since being pregnant. We got our car and headed to Le Diplomate, a French restaurant that apparently is phenomenal for brunch and dinner. We met up with my friends, Annie, Allie, and Lyall. Three of my best friends from high school just missing one, Mimi. We had to wait an hour so if you’re going to go I suggest a reservation, or if you’re fine to wait it’s so cute in there and you could sit at the bar. The place was huge and so festive! Seriously made my heart happy just being in there.

We sat at our table and ordered 2 fries for the table to share, because fries are required. They come with a really delicious aioli type dip but we also had ketchup. SO GOOD. Also, they brought a bread basket, and it had the most delicious bread full of raisins and nuts. I’m obsessed! Thomas ordered the eggs benedict which came with roasted potatoes and he was in heaven. I got the country chicken club. It was bread filled with grilled chicken, bacon, avocado, tomato, lettuce, and rosemary aioli. If I lived in D.C. I’d go here every week and probably order this. I’m in love with this sandwich and it came with a simple side of greens that was the perfect accompaniment. Talk about happy bellies especially since this mama was hungry!


Best way to top off the best weekend. After lunch, we headed back home to Richmond. So grateful for such a fun-filled, active, enjoyable weekend, Luckily, D.C. is only 2 hours from us, so we will definitely be going back and hopefully sooner than later. Hope your weekend was wonderful!




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