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Pregnancy Update (Week 21-23)


February 13, 2018 | Lex Daddio

Hi friends!! Compiling a few weeks into one again, I think it’s better this way 🙂 Going to share with you some eats, snacks, new items we’ve received for baby daddio, & more! The biggest announcement is that we announced that our little babe is a BOY!!!! We are so excited and truly would have been either way, but for some reason, I’m super excited to be a boy mom. We are keeping his name a secret, but we’re getting so excited for his arrival, even though we still have some time 🙂


Here’s our reveal that I posted on Instagram using some of my FAV things I’ve gotten for baby. This Lorena Canals Rug (which I’ve already shared, but I’m in love with), this Cheerilyonesie that says “baby daddio” (I think this is the cutest!), the most precious baby shoes EVER from Freshly Picked! Also, there’s our baby boy at 20weeks! He’s in the 76th percentile for growth, but my midwife said that doesn’t say anything about how big he’ll be when he’s born. Phew. Thomas and I were both 6.5 lbs, so I’m hoping he’ll be around there (or at least praying, haha!).

Not much has changed as far as pregnancy, other than my belly expanding a little more each week, which I think is fun (for now!) I actually feel pretty great. Praise the Lord! I go through phases of my lower back/ tailbone area being SUPER achy. It makes sense since my front is getting heavier and I’m carrying more weight. Some days it hurts so bad I have to lay down or sit down, but over the past week, I’ve barely felt it! So so SO glad. I’ve found things that help like: laying on my acupuncture mat, taking a bath with epsom salts, walking and vice versa: resting, especially putting my feet up (& having Thomas rub them when he’s home, because he’s the best!)

I’ve actually noticed I’ve been even hungrier recently. I used to be able to wake up, drink coffee & journal/read, workout or get some stuff done, and then have breakfast. Well recently, if I don’t eat within 30-60 min of waking up, my stomach will start to hurt. So I’m learning to change up my routine, and either eat breakfast earlier or eat something before I workout. It’s usually a protein bar (GoMacro, PerfectBar, or RXbar). Here are my 3 favorite flavors of each bar right now. Chocolate sea salt RXbar, peanut butter GoMacro bar, & peanut butter Perfect Bar). Also, I almost ALWAYS eat the whole Perfect Bar, I don’t worry about calories, fat, or any of that. The other day, I ate half because I had it an hour before I ate breakfast and I just wanted something small to get me through my workout. Just wanted to make that clear because I had some comments about eating half a bar. Moral of the story: eat however much feels GOOD to you!

I started going back to Pure Barre (if you have no idea what pure barre is, click this link to learn more) recently & it feels SO GOOD. I took a really long break, and now I love it more than ever! I like to go about 2 times a week and then do other movement in between when it feels good. I’ve noticed on days that I get some form of movement in the morning (whether it’s walking, yoga, an at-home strength workout, etc), I just feel a lot better during the day. So movement for me now is about how it makes me feel, not about punishing myself for what I ate or trying to manipulate my body size. I actually enjoy it these days, so that’s exciting! Especially coming from someone who never loved sports and really avoided the gym at all costs.

Let’s talk about some favorite foods recently! I could eat banana and nut butter in ANY form. Whether that’s alone, on toast, in a sandwich, in a smoothie, banana bread, etc. I’m in love and I’ve had it in some form every. single. day. It’s magical. I rotate between peanut butter, almond butter, and cashew butter. Depends on what I’m feeling. Along the same lines, dates stuffed with nut butter are also my JAM. Been eating them like crazy too! Favorite nut butters right now: Teddie’s Peanut Butter, Wild Friends Peanut Butter, Naturalmond (same company as Georgia Grinders) Original Almond Butter, & Georgia Grinders Cashew Butter. They’re all SO GOOD!

Here are some examples, I made Ambitious Kitchen’s banana bread bars, and I highly suggest them! They’re made with oat flour and they’re chewy/doughy and just delicious. I always eat with with nut butter on top. Then there’s of course the never ending toast series. I love toast, & I don’t think I’ll ever stop! Sourdough, banana, pb, honey, coconut flakes. Dreamy. And a smoothie snack: vanilla protein, frozen banana, frozen spinach, almond milk & peanut butter.

Loving eggs in all forms again which is funny, because I couldn’t touch them in my first trimester! Funny how things change. I made an egg scramble with spinach + hot sauce + roasted potatoes in ketchup (always ketchup). I’ve also been having a love affair with egg sandwiches and this might be my favorite combo at the moment. Sprouted organic bread (sprouted is easier to digest) with lots of EXTRA sharp cheddar, a fried egg in grass-fed butter, tomato, and spinach. YUM IN EVERY WAY.

Thomas & I have both been on an energy bite kick as well. We’ve made three flavors & adore each and every one. The best part about energy balls is that you can substitute most of the ingredients with what you have on hand or what you prefer. Here are the recipes that we’ve made (I’ve posted them all on my Instagram): cashew chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin cookie dough, & date and oat lactation (don’t worry you don’t have to be pregnant or nursing for these!) I’ve also been drinking this pregnancy tea from Traditional Medicinals just about everyday, I love it! Lastly, we’ve discovered the best cookies EVER in Richmond. They are from Montana Bread Gold Co. and they’re unreal. The one shown is the peanut butter and it’s life-changing, huge, so soft, and just absolutely insane. We also tried the sugar chocolate chip, OH MY GOSH. Now we’ll have to try them all 🙂

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Okay, so now, let’s talk about some fun things we’ve received for baby daddio and that we’re super excited about! These adorable onesies from Cheerily, cannot get over them. A Dockatot, which we’re super excited about. Also use this link for $10 off yours!

Then, we got this Puj Soft Infant Tub, I’ve heard great things about these. They’re foldable and great for travel. They fit in your sink and they’re super soft for baby. Also, we have the Puj Hug towel. It wraps around mama’s neck so you’re able to use both hands to get baby out of the bath and snug them into you to dry them off!

I received this adorable diaper bag from Freshly Picked, and I’m in love! It’s super spacious & can be worn over your shoulder or on your back. Last one, these are for me! Trying out the new Primally Pure geranium complexion mist and the blue tansy beauty cream. LOVE THEM both. I truly love all their products and the people behind the company, they’re amazing! (You can use the code Lex for a free lip balm with your purchase, just make sure to add it to your cart first!)

Alright, that’s all for now! Hope you all are enjoying these posts 🙂 Also, posts I’m planning on doing regarding pregnancy still: my registry picks, getting pregnant after losing my period for 6 months and an eating disorder, and more but those are the two I’m focused on for now so hopefully they’ll be helpful! Happy Tuesday friends!




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