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August 8, 2018 Lex Daddio



The diaper bag I use is from Freshly Picked, and I LOVE IT. It’s great quality, and feels like it will last for awhile. It has pockets on the inside and comes with a little changing pad. You can wear it over your shoulder or as a backpack. I always do backpack, because it’s way easier. I also think it’s the perfect size, not too big and not too small! Here’s my list of what I keep in it:

-Honest Diapers (5-10 diapers)

-Water Wipes (1 big pack)

-Disposable diaper bags- In case he has a blow out and we need to put his clothes/ diaper somewhere

-Pacifier clip

-Extra pacifier

-Socks (1-2 pairs)

-Extra onesies- (1-2)

-Extra pants- (1)

-Washcloth- for who knows what

-Changing pad- (included in the bag)

-Swaddle- (1)

-Burp cloths- (1-2)

-Snacks for me, because you NEVER know: GoMacro bars & Wild Friends PB packets


I also got a Tote Savvy for my baby shower, and I love this little thing too! It’s basically an insert that goes into any bag to make it into a diaper bag. So, if we are going somewhere quick or somewhere I don’t need a lot of things, I’ll just put this in my purse to bring along. It comes with a changing pad on the side too, which is amazing! One of the pockets are insulated too if you need to keep a bottle in it. They have two different sizes, so I have the small one for a smaller purse, but they also have larger. It’s super convenient! Here’s what I keep in this one:

-Honest Diapers- (2-4 diapers)

-Water Wipes- small pack

-Extra Onesie- (1)

-Extra Socks- (1)

-Pacifier (1)

-Disposable diaper bags

-Changing pad- included

I hope this is helpful! Like I said, this is what we’ve found that works for us and seems to be all we really need. Have a great day!




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