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October 18, 2018 Lex Daddio

Hi there! Haven’t written a post in FAR TOO long! I’ve had so many requests to share what I eat in a day, so I decided to finally do it. I originally wasn’t going to do this, because I didn’t want anyone to compare my consumption to theirs. Everyone is different and requires different amounts. Also, my everyday can look different depending on hunger. I have other friends who have done posts like this, and I thought they did a great job by inspiring eats rather than telling you what to eat. So that’s what I’m going to try as well. I hope this post inspires you to eat something delicious or to try something new!



COFFEE– I start my every morning with a cup of coffee. I usually go with hot coffee, organic 1/2 & 1/2, and sometimes a scoop of collagen peptides. Sometimes I blend it and make it frothy with collagen & vanilla bean ghee (I have a tutorial for this in my highlights on my page), but recently I’ve been loving it black. Very different for me, but I’m loving it. I like my coffee nice and strong & I always add cinnamon to our coffee grounds before brewing. Adds the best flavor. Try it if you haven’t! So on this day, I started with a cup of black coffee.



BREAKFAST– Ahhh, my favorite meal of the day! I do also love dinner, especially when we make a fun one, but breakfast is my tried & true. There’s just something about the start of the day that I love. I’ve had times in my life where I’ve had to have quick breakfasts and times where I have time for slower breakfasts (like these days). But I will tell you, no matter how busy or early I’d have to leave, i ALWAYS made time to sit & enjoy breakfast. I just love that. Recently, I’ve been on a muesli kick, and I’ve been trying all the flavors from thisbrand and loving them all. I soak 1/2 cup overnight in 1/2 cup almond milk. In the morning, I pour them in a bowl & add toppings. You can also warm up the oats if you prefer, but I’ve been loving them this way! I topped mine with whole milk yogurt, banana, thawed frozen berries, raw honey, hemp seeds, and cinnamon.


LUNCH– I got this idea from my friend, and it was fantastic! I used a millet wrap (we love sami’s bakery), but you could use any kind, and then I topped it with marinara, shredded crockpot chicken (I added sea salt, black pepper, and garlic powder for seasoning), parmesan, dried basil, & sea salt. I baked it in the oven at 350 degrees for 8-10 minutes and it was SO GOOD. Basically like pizza, but a super easy version. I served it with leftover arugula from dinner the night before, which was arugula, lemon juice, olive oil, sea salt & pepper.


COFFEE #2– I used to be a one cup of coffee kind of girl. If I drank two, I’d get a little jittery. Since becoming a mama, my tolerance has increased, and I’m not mad about it. I actually love being able to have two cups and still sleep like a rock at night. I also just LOVE coffee. Everything about. I don’t drink a lot of things other than coffee and water. Other favorites are wine, beer, kombucha, but that’s mostly it! Anyway, this was a shot of espresso (lungo style aka with some extra water) and a spoonful of raw cane sugar. Such a great little post lunch pick me up! We have this nespresso machine and we are obsessed. We got it for our wedding & it’s amazing!


SNACK – Fuji apple & crunchy peanut butter with cinnamon. I’ve been having this snack almost every day. These are the apples we picked at the orchard over the weekend, so I have so many to eat up. They’re so delicious & I’m loving this snack so much! Also, some days I have a mid-morning snack too, some days I don’t. Today, I ended up having a late breakfast so I didn’t feel a need for a morning snack. So this snack kept me nice & satisfied until dinner!


DINNER– Okay talk about the worst lighting ever, haha this is what happens when it gets dark super early. This night we made tacos with what we had. Trying to use up our groceries! We cooked ground beef in a packet of Simply Organic taco seasoning. Then I warmed up corn tortillas in the oven (wrapped in foil) and topped two with ground beef, mexican cheese, romaine, tomatoes, frank red hot sauce, & avocado on the side (that I ended up adding to the top) that really needed to be eaten. Such an easy meal that’s always so good! We ended up having leftovers, which was great to repurpose for lunch the next day. Sometimes we’ll just make tacos again, and sometimes we turn it into taco salad, which is what we did this time!

DESSERT– Adding this category, because I typically have some sort of dessert every night. Whether it’s a couple squares of dark chocolate, some kind of baked good I’ve made, or ice cream or both. I love ending my day with a little something sweet. I had a bunch of heavier desserts over the last few days and so I just wasn’t feeling any on this particular night. Most days I eat more, but this day I wasn’t as

Hope you enjoyed my day of eats & hopefully it’ll inspire yours!





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