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August 2, 2018 Lex Daddio

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Good morning!

I’ve been asked a lot what we’ve been using and loving for baby T so I thought I’d put together a little list of our favorites and links to everything to make it easier! I’m working on doing other posts that were requested as well: T’s diaper bag, my hospital bag, my postpartum care, and all my pregnancy must-haves. They’re coming at you soon and if you want any others, let me know!

This list is basically everything we actually use so they are be great things to put on your registry. It’s mostly the things we ACTUALLY use off our registry at this point. I’m already realizing so many things we didn’t really need & how we could have kept things even more minimal. We live in a one bedroom apartment, so I’m all about being as minimal as possible! Also. this list is mostly for stuff for him, but the post on postpartum care will include things I use for myself. Let’s do it!


  • Maxi Cosi Car Seat – We chose this one, because apparently it is one of the safest on the market. Also, it’s extremely light so it’s super easy to transport around.

  • BabyJogger City Mini Stroller – I LOVE this stroller. It’s super easy to use. Extremely light & definitely convenient for an apartment/ city living in my opinion. Eventually, we hope to also get the UppaBaby, but for our living situation now, this is absolutely perfect. We just ordered adapters to have the car seat hook into the stroller.

  • Dockatot Deluxe – If there is something we use constantly, it’s THIS. It’s so easy to transfer and T loves to nap in it, and also just lay in it and look around. We set it on our couch to have him lay with us. Pretty sure he took almost every nap in here when he was first born and now still loves it. The bottom unhooks so the longer the babies get they can stick their feet out the end so it’ll last you awhile. It’s super convenient and easy to wash. This is probably one of my favorite things we own!

  • Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard Snuggle Suite – Another great thing to have. We don’t have a crib yet, because we don’t have anywhere to put it haha. So we use this as his changing table. There is also a little insert on the other side to lay in but he never loved sleeping at an angle so we didn’t use that side. Now that he’s bigger, we took the little chair out, put the sheet on, and use it for naps during the day. I also store things on the bottom half. It’s perfect for traveling too, because it just folds right up.

  • Baby Bjorn Bouncer– This definitely isn’t required, but we really like it. T is able to sit up and look around, which he loves and we often pull it up to the dinner table while we eat so he can see us.

  • Bassinet- I don’t have a link for this one, because Thomas’ mom gave us her old time bassinet that her kids slept in too. Originally, T slept in the pack ‘n play at the end of our bed and I didn’t sleep AT ALL, because I heard every noise he made all night long. We have a one bedroom, and there’s no other room to put him in. So Thomas’ mom gave us the bassinet to use and he actually sleeps right in our closet (it’s big enough for the bassinet), and we crack the door, turn on the sound machine, and he sleeps like a dream. Seriously. And I sleep SO MUCH better, because I don’t hear every noise anymore and it’s amazing.

  • Fisher Price Rock & Play – We used this SO MUCH in our first few weeks. He napped in it, hung out in it, and I’ve hear many people say their babies slept in it from the beginning. I know every baby is different, but T definitely prefers sleeping flat so he didn’t like it for that. It vibrates, plays music, and you can rock it. I will say that we honestly don’t use it too much since he’s gotten bigger, but I probably would if it was an auto-rocker. Didn’t realize they had those, but I’d highly suggest auto-rock because who wants to rock it themselves.

  • Babyletto Rocking Chair– We LOVE our chair! Unfortunately they don’t have the model we have, but they still have a bunch of great ones. I’d highly suggest a recliner (our isn’t) or a foot rest. I always use the foot rest!


  • Freshly Picked Diaper Bag– I’m obsessed with my diaper bag. It can be worn on your shoulder or on your back. I always wear it as a backpack and it’s so convenient. It’s the perfect size and has plenty of pockets for storage. I have the black one, and I think it’s so cute! Also, it’s great quality so I definitely think it’ll last awhile. I’m doing a whole blog post on it next so there will be a lot more info on this!

  • Tote Savvy – This definitely isn’t crucial, but I love it for when I’m going somewhere for a short trip or going on a stroller ride and I don’t want to bring my whole diaper bag. I throw this into my purse. It’s basically an insert that fits in most bags (there are different sizes) and it makes it so you can turn any bag into a diaper bag. There are a few compartments and it’s perfect when you only need a few things.

  • Water Wipes – This are the wipes that my sister uses and loves. They’re basically almost all water with a little bit of grapefruit oil extract. They get the job done, and T hasn’t had any issues with rashes or anything and I feel good about putting them on his skin since they’re basically water.

  • Honest Diapers – We love these diapers! I’m also a sucker for the cute designs, but they’ve been so great. I think they run a bit smaller than other diapers so T is already in a size 2 (I mean, he is chunking up very quickly though haha), but they’ve been great,

  • Nuk Pacifiers – I know every baby is different here. Originally we had the Phillips Soothie pacifiers and T liked them, but they always popped out. I started giving him the Nuk and he loves them!


  • Burt’s Bees Onesies – Love all the Burts Bees clothes. They’re organic and so soft! Also, definitely great quality. They’re great classics, and we can use them on the next baby too!

  • Nordstrom Onesies – I thought these were so cute and they were all I put T in when he was first born. Definitely the softest and pretty stretchy!

  • Nordstrom Nightgown – One of the best things ever. So soft and cozy and makes it SO MUCH easier at night to change his diaper. All I have to do is pull it up rather than unbutton or even unzip haha.

  • Milkbarn Nightgown – Same idea as the Nordstrom one, but just a different brand. It’s all organic, and so dang soft. We need more of these things because he only sleeps in these two!

  • Milkbarn Swaddles & Burp Cloths – Pretty much all my swaddles and some of my burp cloths are from Milkbarn. Apparently they sell them at Anthropologie too and I had never heard of them before my baby shower. So many people got us them, and I’m so thankful. We use swaddles like crazy, and have so many, but man do we go through them quickly. I use them as blankets, to swaddle him, to lay on the changing table, and as a nursing cover.

  • Kiddy Star Organic Burp Cloths – These are nice and thick and I love that they’re organic. They lay easily on your shoulder and they’re great.


  • Honest Shampoo & Body Wash–  We got this at Costco, because they have a value pack of two and we love it for his baths!

  • Puj Tub – These tubs are awesome. They fit right in your sink and make the cutest little tub for baby. We still use it and love it. He’s almost too big now, so we’ll have to move to a bigger one, but it’s made baths so easy for us, and T loves the bath!

  • Puj Towel – Also love their towels. So soft and convenient, and has a little place for his head. They also wrap around your neck so if you’re washing baby by yourself it’s way easier to get him in the towel, since they’re so slippery.

  • Organic Bamboo Washcloths – These are small and very soft and what we use for baths always!

  • Dr. Bronner’s Coconut Oil – You can use any coconut oil brand, but we just love coconut oil. We use it on EVERYTHING for him haha. I put it on him when he first came out and was all wrinkled like a raisin. It took awhile for his skin to get soft, because since he was overdue, apparently they shrivel up and their skin gets super dry and flakey when they come out haha. I also put it on his bottom and all over in his diaper to prevent rash, etc sometimes. I’ve also used it on his head for cradle cap and you don’t have to worry about them getting it in their mouth.

  • Primally Pure Baby Balm – Also phenomenal! The ingredients in this are amazing. We use this on his bottom as well, and basically is the same as coconut oil but just has some other amazing ingredients included.

  • Primally Pure Baby Powder – Great for diaper rash. We haven’t had it yet, but will definitely be using it! I’ve heard wonderful things.


  • Bulb Syringe– So convenient for when he has boogers and the poor guy can’t get them out himself haha.

  • Nail Clippers – Ugh, I hate clipping his nails but they grow SO FAST. We’ve also used an emery board (like a nail file), but it takes forever. These nail clippers are supposed to be more gentle for babies.

  • Tommee Tippee Bottles – Again, every baby is so different but the first time T tried this bottle, he sucked it right down. I’m pretty sure he’s also a hungry little hippoo and would take food from anywhere he could get it haha, but these bottles have been great for us!

  • Ubbi DIaper Pail – Even though his diapers don’t stink yet, we keep this baby next to the changing table and it’s seals up nicely to keep any smells from getting out.

  • Solly Baby Wrap/ Moby Wrap– Love these wraps! I have both brands and they’re both awesome and pretty much the same thing. They are great for strapping baby T on so I can get some things done! But also, it’s super snuggly and he likes to be wrapped in close to me.

  • Ergobaby Carrier– Love taking this out for when Thomas wants to strap him on. It works great and T likes getting a ride from his daddy too! Make sure you get the infant insert for this!

  • Boon Lawn Drying Rack– Best thing for drying bottles or any of my pump pieces!

  • Marpac Dohm Sound Machine– T loves it and so do we. It’s great, because I don’t hear his every peep!


I hope this is helpful 🙂 I’ve also learned every baby is different and I know people have different preferences, etc. These are the things that have worked great for our family & that we’re loving!

Have a great Thursday!



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