Favorite Items For T (7 months)

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January 28, 2019 Lex Daddio

Good Morning and Happy Monday! Finally sharing our top favorite baby products/ items for T right now. I’ve had a lot of requests on go-to’s, what we use, etc, so decided to put together a list to make it easy & accessible with literally everything I could think of. So let’s get started 🙂



1. Diapers– We were using Honest, but recently switched over to Brandless. Only $9 for a weeks worth & they are great quality!

2. Wipes– We love these water wipes. Just water & grapefruit extract.

3. Primally Pure Baby Balm or Coconut Oil– We honestly use a mix of both and love them. I usually use the baby balm on his booty and the coconut oil just all over his body and in his hair after a bath. You can use the code LEX10 for 10% off your first Primally Pure order!

4. Honest or Puracy Bath Soap- We use both of these as well! We actually found 2 giant Honest Soaps from Costco so that was a great price. My sister-in-law uses Puracy, which is what turned us onto that one. Both are great options.

5. Tubby Todd All Over Diaper Ointment– If we need something a little more intense if T has diaper rash or bumps or anything and the other ones aren’t cutting it, we’ll use this!



1. Sakura Bloom Baby Carrier– Prettiest most comfortable baby carrier ever. Super minimal & easy to use. I couldn’t ever figure out a ring sling, but this is the perfect mix and so easy. I have the Scout Onyx + Leather and love it.

2. Ergobaby Baby Carrier– This is the one Thomas usually uses to carry T, now that he can face forward! T loves being able to see everything & they’re super easy to use. Probably the one I see most people have!

3. Freshly Picked Diaper Bag– I heard such great things about this diaper bag before having T, so I put it on my baby registry and I’m obsessed. I personally haven’t tried any other kinds out but huge fan of this one. Feels like the perfect size & I love the style!

4. UppaBaby Vista Stroller (color: Bryce White/Silver)- We originally had the BabyJogger City Mini GT Travel System (aka stroller and car seat), which we really liked. Super light & easy and perfect for a tiny apartment. We still have it, but we moved to the UppaBaby and we’ll never look back. The function of this one is amazing. It’s pretty, easy to use, and rides so well. The storage on the bottom is a game changer and they literally thought of EVERYTHING.

5. UppaBaby Mesa Car Seat– We also have their car seat and it’s so great. Again super cozy and T loves it. It also holds up so well, and will be great for our next kiddo when he grows out of it!



1. Play Mat– Probably the most requested link! We love this mat. It rolls up for easy storage, and it’s reversible. Great for T since we have super hard floors and he’s starting to worm around everywhere. Nice & squishy and thick and I also use it for my mat for workout videos, haha!

2. Graco Pack and Play– We love this thing. It’s easy to bring places if we have to nap him somewhere or need somewhere for him to sleep overnight. It folds up easy and also comes with a changing table and little nap portion on top that we used to use when he was first born. We put that part away and just use the Pack & Play part now. We actually keep it set up in my house to let T play in during the day so he can’t army crawl around anywhere and I know he’s safe.

3. Sophie the Giraffe– I did not understand all the rage about this giraffe, but let me tell you T LOVES it. His face literally lights up when I give it to him and it was a lifesaver during teething time. Worth the money, but I’m sure there are plenty of other great things too!

4. Jolly Jumper Door Jumper– HE LOVES THIS. He will jump forever if we’re right there. It fits to their little bodies so well, because he tried another one that had a lot of extra room and didn’t love it, but he goes wild in this one. It also exhausts him!

5. Jungly Tails JellyCat Book– This book entertained him for forever. He still loves it, not as much as before, but definitely a go to for the car, etc.

6. FIsher Price Stacking Rings–  One of his favorite toys. Loves playing with the rings but especially loves the thing they stack on, of course.


1. Tommee Tippee Bottles– Every baby is different. This is one of the first bottles we used and T loved so we stuck to it. Honestly, he loves to eat so much I think he’d take anything haha. But we love these!

2. EZPZ Mat– So far this has been the most convenient mat for T. It sticks right to his high chair so he can’t move it. We only have the bowl at this point, but will probably get the one with a few sections to separate food soon.

3. Bapron Baby Bibs– Cutest bibs of all time and the only ones we use. They have the cutest prints. You can use the code LEX10 for 10% off your order.

4. Splash Mat– Super convenient for feeding! Especially with baby led weaning since a lot ends up on the floor. This way we can pick up food and give it back to him & then it’s easy clean up.

5. Stokke High Chair- There are so many high chairs! I honestly didn’t do a lot of research, but we received this one for our baby shower, and I love the look & functionality of it.

6. Boon Grass Lawn– This is what we use to dry all his bottles and my pump equipment.

7. Spectra Pump– I’m personally still pumping first thing in the early morning or whenever we give T a bottle to replace. This way we have milk for people when we have others watch him. And so we can do things together & not worry about having milk. Going to do a whole post on my breastfeeding journey!


1. Halo Sleep Sack– T sleeps in one of these every night. We sometimes put it on for naps, but not always. But always use it at night instead of a blanket.
2. Babyletto Crib– We love this crib. It converts into a toddler bed and it’s so pretty!

3. Cache District Organic Sheets– A local friend of mine actually started this company with her husband. They have 2 kids of their own, and their story is so cool. They have more about it on their website, but I love their sheets!

4. Young Living Diffuser– We usually diffuse lavendar oil at night while T sleeps.

5. Sound Machine– We always use a sound machine. There are so many out there, but we’ve loved this one.


1. H&M– Literally get almost all of his clothes from here. Other ones are usually gifted by Thomas’ mama and they are typically Carter’s. Also, I’m always asked where his beanies are from and they are all H&M!

2. Kickee Pants– Best jammies ever. They’re super stretchy and adorable and are zip ups, because all jammies should be zip up. I don’t even know why buttons even exist.

3. Burts Bees– Love their clothes & pajamas too! They use 100% organic cotton, which I love about them and the quality is great.

4. Fleece Baby Booties– We love these for the cold since T needs a little extra warmth on his feet, but shoes don’t always stay on. These are basically like thick fleece socks that button on and stay on!

5. Nuk Pacifiers– Every baby is different, but T took well to the Nuk pacifiers from the beginning. He never did great with the soothie type ones. Always spit them out so these are our go to.

Obviously every family is different, but these are our current favorites! I hope this is helpful!



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