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What I Ate & Why (Brewery Edition)


February 6, 2019 Lex Daddio

Good morning! Another week of what I ate and why. I hope these are fun and helpful for you and encourage you to eat fun foods and enjoy them. I don’t ever want them to become a comparison thing or for them to tell you what to eat. Not about that at all. I just hope to inspire you and show you what normal eating looks like for me these days. Some days I eat more, some are less. I try to always listen to my hunger/ fullness cues (& if you’re going through an eating disorder I know it can be hard to recognize those because your body doesn’t know the difference right now). It takes time to heal that, and I’m going to address this more in my upcoming IG LIVE. So just hang in there, it doesn’t have to stay that way forever. For now, let’s move onto the food, because this day was extra delicious!


Breakfast–  These chocolate banana overnight oats. Not pictured is a cup of hot coffee with half and half around 6am. Around 7:45am I started getting hungry and was super excited about these oats waiting for me in the fridge. I’ve had them 2 days in a row and I’m obsessed. I go through such phases with oatmeal. Sometimes I love it & sometimes I want nothing to do with it. Recently, I’ve been craving it and this is one of my favorite ways to eat it. I posted this recipe this morning in my new video if you want to try it out! Also, you can eat overnight cold straight from the fridge or you can warm them on the stove. I prefer them cold actually and topped with extra fruit, a big spoonful of nut butter, and a drizzle of honey. They typically keep me full and fueled through the morning!


Lunch– Around 11:30am I started feeling hungry for lunch so I went ahead and warmed some up. I had leftover cast iron chicken and roasted greens beans (the tutorial for these are on my story highlights called “grilled chicken”) and some twice baked potatoes on the side (sharing the general recipe for these next week)! This plate was so satisfying! I remember the days when I would have never dared to eat twice baked potatoes as leftovers especially for lunch. I would have felt like it was too “unhealthy” and I didn’t really eat much dairy and definitely not bacon. That’s the beauty of food freedom. Now, I can enjoy these foods and then move on with my day. I don’t think about the potatoes all day long or feel guilty. I can move on with my thoughts & keep living. This takes time, practice, patience, and really reframing your thoughts to not consider this food bad. I’ve actually had these potatoes 3 days in a row and to be honest, I’m over them. Once you allow yourself to actually eat certain foods it can be really exciting, but eventually it’s not as exciting and you can move on to another food. I don’t mean this as sad haha, but more as the food doesn’t control you or have a hold over you. This way you can actually enjoy that food rather than dream about it all day long and try to compensate with other food or eventually end up binging on the particular food and not getting any enjoyment out of it.


Snack– I actually started getting hungry around 2pm, but was in a meeting until 3pm and had my snack in the car. All good because I knew I had something waiting for me and it’s okay to be hungry sometimes and to be able to recognize and acknowledge that feeling. I enjoyed some sparkling water with lime while sitting outside because it was 70 degrees yesterday, and it was AMAZING! After my meeting, I got in my car and ate a peanut butter GoMacro bars. I love these bars so much and the peanut butter has peanut butter chips in them and they’re dreamy. Because it was so warm outside, the chips got warm & melty and it was fantastic. Definitely very into these bars being a little warm!


Drinks– We hadn’t planned to go out anywhere, but it was so beautiful we wanted to sit outside. We live in an apartment with no patio, so to sit outside we usually have to get coffee, beer/wine, or food haha. It’s great, but we’re starting to feel ready for a house and porch life. Especially since T is closer to crawling and we are growing out of this apartment quickly. Anyway, we went over to one of our favorite breweries, The Veil, and enjoyed sunshine, some IPA’s, and family time. This was around 4:30-5:30pm. It was so nice! Also, in the past I so wouldn’t have been okay with getting a beer if I hadn’t planned it or accounted for it. Now, I don’t think twice. It’s so nice to be spontaneous and have fun with my husband rather than be stuck in rigid rules & restrictions that take away from us enjoying our life together.


Dinner– We almost ended up eating at the brewery, but knew we just had a big Sunbasket order come in so we figured we should save some money and cook at home. While we were cooking, we snacked on carrots and red pepper dip (from our Sunbasket) that was really good. We were pretty hungry and luckily our meal only took 20 min. We had shrimp diablo tacos and they were fabulous! Basically just corn tortillas layered with cabbage slaw, shrimp in diablo sauce, queso fresco, & cilantro. We ate dinner around 6:30pm! PS if you’ve never heard of Sunbasket, it’s a meal delivery service, and we are obsessed. We do it for 2 weeks out of each month and we love it because we always choose meals we wouldn’t necessarily make at home. It gets us out of our comfort zone and we still get to cook and have fun! You can use this link if you want to get $35 off your first box!


Dessert– We had already decided that we were going to get some gelato from Gelati Celesti. AKA our favorite gelato in town. It’s so fresh and delicious and we are obsessed. It’s also across the street from our place so it’s pretty convenient. While Thomas gave T a bath, I ran over and picked it up to bring home. I got my favorite combo of mint chip and oreo (their version of cookies & cream with giant oreos). The two combined in a bite is amazing! I love it so much. Thomas always loves the combo of strawberry and vanilla. I used to think that didn’t sound good until I tried his and OH MY GOSH. It’s got this chocolate girl swooning for those flavors. The strawberry has real strawberries and it’s amazing and the vanilla is magical. Perfect combo! We got T down to bed and then cozied up on the couch with our ice cream and enjoyed every bite. We wanted to wait until we got T down so we could really eat it slow and enjoy. Like a little ice cream date at home. I wasn’t necessarily hungry for this, but I also wasn’t full because I saved some room. Either way, this wasn’t about filling my belly, it was about the pure enjoyment of the ice cream whether I was hungry or not. And let me tell you, it was phenomenal. Then we both passed out by like 9:30pm!

That’s all I have for now, I hope it’s inspired you to eat some yummy food and to not be so hard on yourself with your food choices. What you eat doesn’t make you a good or bad person. Be kind to yourself today and eat something that makes you happy! Have a great Wednesday!


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