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Our Weekly Grocery List/ Pantry Items


May 8, 2019 Lex Daddio

Good morning! I wanted to share our go-to weekly grocery list for you guys as well as what we try to keep stocked in our pantry, fridge, and freezer. We buy groceries all over but mostly from Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Costco, and then sometimes our local health food market if we need something quick since it’s super close to us. We do most weekly shopping at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods and then do most of the pantry/ bulk items from Costco. I want to start incorporating the farmer’s market more now too since the weather has been so nice!

Also, here are some tips I’ve found to help cut costs when shopping: Buying in bulk (like Costco) as well as buying from the bulk bins for nuts, seeds, grains, snacks, etc). Buying with less packaging so a whole block of cheese rather than sliced cheese. Buying from Costco. Checking your inventory and trying to be creative with what you have. Freezing things for rotation so you don’t get bored and have a meal/ dessert/ snack/ breakfast prepared in advance. Making things yourself that are way easier than expected & by the way I’m still working on this one myself because sometimes convenience is better (hummus, salad dressing, breads, tortillas, protein bars, nut butters)!


-fruit: berries, bananas, apples or whatever fruit is in season (usually cheaper this way too)

-lettuce: kale, spinach, mixed greens, arugula, or romaine

-vegetables to roast: green beans, broccoli, zucchini, asparagus, cauliflower, butternut squash (love changing these up and choosing different ones for rotation)

-potatoes (sweet potatoes, red potatoes, fingerlings, or russet)

-meats (deli turkey, chicken breasts or thighs, ground turkey, ground beef, chicken sausage, salmon, shrimp, halibut, cod, tenderloin)- again depending on what we’re planning to cook up that week!

-bread: sourdough, whole wheat (dave’s killer bread), sprouted wheat (angelic bakehouse, alvaradao street bakery)

-almond milk (califia farms, MALK)

-½ and ½ (organic valley, horizon organic)

-eggs (vital farms)

-greek yogurt (siggi’s)







-rolled oats

-brown rice

-white rice


-pasta (whole wheat, white, brown rice & banza)

-crackers (mary’s gone crackers, simple mills, back to nature wheat thins, among lots of others)

-canned chickpeas

-pasta sauce (rao’s)

-canned tomatoes

-olive oil

-avocado oil (chosen foods)

-coconut oil

-balsamic vinegar

-red wine vinegar)

-rice vinegar

-sesame oil

-ghee (4th&heart)

-chicken broth and vegetable broth

-spices (simply organic foods, primal palate)

-canned coconut milk

-granola (purely elizabeth, oat my goodness)

-chia seeds

-hemp seeds


-raisins or dried cranberries

-cacao nibs

-nuts: cashews, almonds, pine nuts


-shredded coconut

-peanut butter (costco, wild friends, woodstock foods, teddie’s)

-almond butter (georgia grinders, costco, trader joe’s, woodstock)

-sunflower seed butter (trader joes, sunbutter)

-raw honey

-maple syrup

-all purpose flour

-whole wheat flour

-coconut flour

-almond flour

-vanilla extract

-cane sugar

-brown sugar

-coconut sugar

-chocolate chips

-pancake mix (kodiak cakes)

-gomacro bars

-chocolate (alter eco, theo, chocolove)

-meat sticks (chomps)

-tortilla chips (late july)

-collagen (vital proteins)


-canned tuna (safe catch or wild planet)

-protein powder (arbonne, philosophie love)

-mac&cheese (annie’s)

-brownie mix (foodstirs)

-red wine (cabernet or italian wine all the way)


-baked goods/ energy bites (ones I’ve made that I freeze for later)

-ice cream (alden’s, ben & jerry’s, graeters, so delicious cashew based)

-bread (i freeze bread after a few days of buying to make it last)

-bagels (dave’s killer bread or local)

-tortillas (corn and wheat)

-frozen fruit

-frozen vegetable (love having frozen green beans for back up)

-ground beef

-chicken breasts

-chicken thighs

-ground turkey

-sausage (chicken or pork)

-deli turkey


-salsa (love the whole foods 365 brand or green mountain gringo)

-cheese (usually a mix: cheddar, mozzarella, parmesan, & snacking cheeses for when guests come over!)

-hummus (love the giant organic one from costco)

-cream cheese (i’m such a whipped cream cheese fan)

-hot sauce (frank’s, organic valley sriracha, siete foods hot sauces)

-liquid aminos (bragg’s)

-dressings (but love making my own as well)

-ketchup (annie’s)

-mustard (dijon, whole grain, yellow)

-apple cider vinegar

-avocado oil mayo (chosen foods or primal kitchen)

-perfect bars

-mush overnight oats

-medjool dates

-cold brew (chameleon)


-wine (usually rose)

-beer (IPA’s)

Of course it took us awhile to get stocked up, but now we have a good stock so we’re able to just replace items once in awhile when we run out. Especially since we use so many of the same ingredients. I know this list is SO long haha so if it overwhelms you, but you want to stock up more. Just start small and buy a few items from the list each time. No need to break the bank and then you can actually see items you end up using. Also, we don’t always have everything, but this just what we like to have! Hope it’s helpful 🙂



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