Baby Daddio #2 (Pregnancy Week 11)


Hi guys! So if you haven’t seen the news yet, I’m pregnant with our second little baby. A lot is happening over here haha! We bought a house, found out I was pregnant, T started 2 days of preschool, and we decided to move over to Thomas’ parents house this weekend to split up our time with my family and his until our house is ready (hopefully November/ December). So basically, things are a bit crazy, but I’m thankful for them all. Thankful for parents that let us live with them, even though living with your parents is not easy haha, I’m so ready for our own space. I know the time will come and it’ll feel extra special when it does! So back to baby #2. I’m due April 5 and I’m currently 11 weeks. I already feel like these weeks are moving by a little faster than they did with T, and I think it’s because I’m so busy with him all day long. Not as much time to think about being pregnant, which maybe isn’t a bad thing! I do have to say that being pregnant the second time around feels better mentally. Kind of like, I just did this, rather than feeling like I know absolutely nothing about being pregnant or raising a child. I feel much more confident this time, haha and I am sticking to a lot of the same things I used the first time around, which is also just easier for my brain. Less decisions to make!

I’m currently in my first trimester and getting closer to the second. Figured I’d give some updates on everything like how I’m feeling, food/ cravings, things I’m using, body changes, etc. I did these for T (all under my pregnancy tab), and I’ve so enjoyed reading back through them not being pregnant again! Also, on another note, I’ve been asked about when I got my period back, when T stopped nursing, etc. so figured I’d add that in here. I actually was one of those people who didn’t get their period back until after we were totally done nursing. T naturally weaned himself right at 12 months, I got my period back when he was 13 months, and got pregnant when he was 14 months. So I got one period, and then got pregnant. CRAZY. If you don’t know my background with an eating disorder and losing my period for a LONG time, I have a lot of information under my post “From No Period To Pregnant”. Let’s just say I was amazed how fast it happened the second time around, although we weren’t trying but we also weren’t preventing. As far as birth control, we use the Lady Comp, which is a fertility tracker. I’ve been using it for years, and have never taken birth control. You basically take your temperature under your tongue every morning before getting out of bed. It’s able to measure when you’re ovulating, fertile, etc. so it can tell you days you can or could get pregnant so we can be careful on those days. It’s way more scientific than that haha but that’s the basics. Anyway, all that being said, I’m just so thankful to the Lord that He is growing this little family. 

I also know that pregnancy can be a highly sensitive topic, so I don’t want to seem insensitive in any way, because I know everyone’s fertility journey is different. If you’re trying to get pregnant, have been for awhile, or really having a hard time. I see you. I don’t know from personal experience, but I just want you to know my heart goes out for you. I actually have a good number of close family & friends that are or have struggled with this. I believe there is hope, and I’m sending prayers to you and your family.

As far as how I’m feeling, I’m actually doing pretty good. Definitely tired, but I remember having to be horizontal on the couch by 4pm when I was pregnant with T. Haha growing a baby is exhausting! Around weeks 6 and 7, I was actually really nauseous most of the days. One of the days I literally couldn’t move off the couch and Thomas has to come home early to help me with T and make dinner haha. It was rough and being nauseous is so weird. Things that kind of helped: eating often, getting in protein, ginger chews, rest).  I was constantly hungry, but food grossed me out but it didn’t. I can’t explain but usually when I’d eat I’d feel better for like 30 minutes and then get nauseous again. I will say, I am just grateful I never got sick. I have plenty of close mama friends that were super sick and I can’t imagine, especially with another babe running around. Anyway, then magically around week 8, I stopped feeling nauseous. It was so weird, and like a flip of a switch. I’ve only been nauseous a few times randomly since and that has been it. So other than being tired, I’m taking it day by day. Learning to rest when I can, and soaking up all the sleep because I know sleep is crucial especially right now.

I’ve been eating way more often and just more in general. Don’t compare to what I show you on my Instagram stories, because I rarely show everything! Multiple times I’ve been asked if that’s all I ate. Definitely not, I’m usually too hungry these days to even photograph my food haha hence the lack of food posts on my feed right now. As far as what I’ve been craving, lots of things, but also loving a lot of my usual food. I don’t think that happened as much with T in the first trimester, I’m pretty sure I didn’t touch a vegetable but this time I’m loving them. I want all the crunchy salads but of course always paired with some kind of carb for sure. In the mornings, I’ve found that I have to eat something either before my coffee or with it. I can’t drink it on an empty stomach or I’m nauseous. I also don’t feel like cooking/ making something 10 minutes after I wake up so I’ve been loving having mush overnight oats (you can get 15% off on their website with the code RESTORINGRADIANCE), loaded yogurt bowls, perfect bars, or gomacro bars (you can get 25% off on their website with the code LEX25). I tried to just eat like a banana and peanut butter or something without protein and I usually feel a little uneasy when I do that so I know having protein helps. Also loving sandwiches (always, but I really crave them when I’m pregnant) as well as soup. Soup is so random for me, I’m typically really not a big soup person, but Thomas could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so this is definitely his child. Other things I’m loving and always am loving is: bananas, peanut butter, chips & salsa, pretzel chips & hummus, brownies, ice cream. Pretty usual suspects for me and I’m fine by those. 

In the very beginning I was so tired I didn’t feel like planning any meals, going to the store, etc so we did a lot of takeout. Indian, Chinese, Pizza, and Chik-Fil-A.. I actually don’t really love fast food, but Chik-Fil-A is definitely an exception! But seriously if you’re in your first trimester, I promise you things will get better. The first trimester was the hardest for me last time too, usually by the 2nd you get much more energy!

Now moving onto body changes. I was actually very surprised how quickly my clothes didn’t fit this time around. At 11 weeks, my pants literally no longer button. So I had to buy some maternity ones already (I’ll report back if I find good ones) so that I can wear my shirts again haha. I didn’t show until about 19-20 weeks with T, but I’ve heard you pop quicker on the next one. But it really happened fast haha. I don’t really have a bump, but my stomach just is in that constant state of bloat (even though I’m not) and things are definitely different. Pregnancy is a weird thing haha, it actually really helped me accept my body last time I was pregnant. It was the most comfortable I’d ever felt in my skin. I always thought I wouldn’t like it, but I really did & I’m thinking I’ll enjoy it again! The beginning phase is always so weird though, so if you’re at the beginning haha don’t worry, it starts to feel better (in my opinion) once people actually notice you look pregnant rather than just eating a really big meal haha.

Okay, so let’s talk about what I’m taking, using, etc. Most importantly, I am not a doctor or a healthcare provider so make sure you check with yours and take/ use what you’re comfortable with. For vitamins, I’m taking a mix of Ritual and Garden of Life Prenatals (grabbed these when Ritual was sold out so I’m using both, but prefer Ritual). With T, I took the Rainbow Light ones but turns out they have high levels of lead in them and just dealt with a lawsuit for false advertising so trashed those. Then I’m also taking Garden of Life Vegan DHA (Algae OMEGA-3) supplements. I still put Ancient Nutrition collagen in my coffee, but everyone has their own opinion about that one. I recently move all my skincare to this Beautycounter line, I wanted to hate it but I love it haha! I don’t sell, but a good friend of mine does. She knows everything about it and is amazing so if you’re interested, check her out here! So I have been using the lotion all over my body especially my tummy. I also love the Zoe Organics belly butter/ oil, and Primally Pure body butter (you can get 10% off with the code LEX10! That’s pretty much it for now 🙂

Last but not least, exercise. I’ve been taking it VERY slow. Some days I just don’t have the energy and others I do. So the days I do I either do an at home workout using Good For The Swole’s pregnancy/ postpartum subscription guide (I pay for this myself and it’s $15 a month for 5 workouts a week sent every Friday), go on a walk run, or just go on a walk. I try to move, but some days I sit a lot. Reminding myself that my energy will come back and I’ll have more every to move soon! Alright, I think that covers about everything. If you guys have any other questions, feel free to ask. I’m going to continue to do these updates every few weeks or so! Thanks for coming on this journey with me 🙂





  1. LOVE reading these updates. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing! ❤️ I’m just a little bit behind you at 7 weeks with my first and I have had a really similar experience in terms of the nausea and exhaustion. We’ve definitely been eating out a lot more than usual, and I’m trying to just remember that this is only one phase of pregnancy and hopefully the 2nd trimester will be a bit more normal feeling. Love to you and your family!
    Also, just on the fertility note, I use the Ovacue which is a combination of oral and vaginal sensors and we love it! It lets you know your projected fertility as well as confirming the actually ovulation date. It allowed us peace of mind while we were waiting to get pregnant, and then helped us conceive as soon as we were ready. Just another option I wanted to mention for those who don’t want to take birth control.

    • Hey girl!! Thanks so much for sharing all of this with me 🙂 Congratulations to you and I hope you’re feeling better! The 2nd trimester is my favorite! And thanks for letting me know about the Ovacue. I use the LadyComp and love that one too. Super similar! Hope the rest of your pregnancy is wonderful!


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