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Aldi Grocery List


We’re new Aldi fans around here and I’ve been really impressed with their selection for groceries! So many of you guys are fans too and I love that! You’ve sent me so many great recommendations to try. If you have any other ones, let me know. In case you haven’t been to Aldi before, here’s a few tips for shopping there:

  • Bring your own shopping bags! They don’t have any, so this is a great opportunity to use reusable too.
  • Make sure you bring a quarter. You use it to check out your cart and then you get it back at the end. This way they’re able to hire less employees so they can keep their costs down. Fun facts, right?! Let’s get into the grocery list!
Photo of 4 different Aldi items on a white counter including crackers, puffs, bread, and coconut oil.

Pantry Staples from Aldi

  • Thin-sliced Seedtastic bread- The boys love this bread. It’s basically just like Dave’s killer bread, but softer in my opinion. Perfect for sandwiches!
  • Sprouted whole wheat bread- I got this bread for myself to try. When I don’t have sourdough, I like to have another option. Sprouted bread is easier to digest and I really like this one! It’s soft and delicious.
  • Sprouted whole grain tortillas- I love having wraps for lunch often, so these are a fun addition and love that they’re sprouted as well for easier digestion!
  • Brown rice crackers- These are super tasty and really good dipped in hummus!
  • Barnana plantain chips- I’m obsessed with these plantain chips. They’re also great in hummus!
  • Organic beans- Soup season is upon us, which is when we start buying lots of beans again and love that they have organic beans!
  • Cheddar cauliflower crackers- These are honestly really good and the boys love them. A nice change up from goldfish and adding in a little veggie.
  • White cheddar puffs- These basically remind me of Pirate’s Booty and the boys really liked this version from Aldi.
  • Organic seaweed snacks- Still can’t figure out why my boys love these, but they devour them so I keep buying them haha.
  • Organic pastas- Always nice to have some pasta in the pantry! We have a bunch of fun pasta recipes!
  • Organic quinoa- A classic staple.
  • Organic spices- We use a ton of spices and they have a lot of great options.
  • Organic olive oil– A staple.
  • Coconut oil spray- Love that this one is just one ingredient. Liquid coconut oil. Great for baking!
  • Organic coconut oil– I use this for baking or coating the pan sometimes too!
  • Fourth & Heart ghee- My favorite ghee hands down. We also love Kerrygold butter, but this is hands down the best price I’ve found on this ghee. We used to buy it all the time, but it’s so expensive from most grocery stores. Aldi has it the cheapest I’ve found so I grabbed it, because I love cooking my eggs in it.
  • Organic brown sugar- Staple for so many of my baked goods.
  • Chia & flax seeds- I always have seeds in the fridge or freezer.
  • Black forest fruit snacks- The boys love these gummies so much! I love that they don’t have any food dye, because T is super sensitive!

Fridge/ Freezer Items

  • Organic chicken breasts- Every good grocery list needs these!
  • Organic grass-fed ground beef- Love that they have a grass-fed option!
  • Vintage Irish grass-fed cheddar- This cheese tastes like Kerrygold and it’s fantastic!
  • Feta- Feta is one of my favorite cheeses. Aldi feta is delicious, and there are a ton of cheeses I still want to try! You guys said their selection was fabulous, and so far so good!
  • Perfect bars- Our family’s favorite bar. They also have the kids version, which I love. Hands down the cheapest I’ve found them.
  • GT’s Kombucha- I love kombucha and used to drink it all the time. It’s always a treat though, because it can be expensive.
  • Organic frozen blueberries/ fruit- I always keep frozen blueberries on hand. I add it to overnight oatmeal, pancakes, baked oats, etc. It’s cheaper and they’re always fresh tasting!

Produce from Aldi

  • Organic carrots
  • Organic celery
  • Organic broccoli
  • Organic berries
  • Organic cucumbers
  • Bananas
  • Avocados
  • Tomatoes

The produce is pretty self explanatory! I found lots of great options and was very impressed. I’ve saved a highlight to my Instagram and if I find any other fun products I’ll make sure to add them here! Happy shopping!


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