Body Image + Pregnancy Update (Weeks 16 & 17)


December 29, 2017 | Lex Daddio


Hi there! I had a lot of requests for pregnancy updates so I hope you enjoyed the last one! I’m doing 2 weeks into 1 post this week because I didn’t have time to write them all with the holidays! Throughout this post, I’m literally unrolling my camera photos from the past 2 weeks to show you what I’ve been eating & some other fun pictures!

Still feeling good over here! Working out when my body feels up to it and resting when my body doesn’t. Tends to be 3-4 times a week, and I’ve still been doing 21 day fix videos for now. Today I wanted to talk about another topic that I know comes up a lot as women and also in pregnancy and that is: BODY IMAGE.

We are surrounded by photos, magazines, content, etc of models and photoshop and all that stuff. So being a women, IT IS SO HARD to not compare your own body or feel like you need to lose a couple pounds just because that’s what society tells you. Well that whole conversation is another topic that makes me very passionate because it drives me crazy!

But let’s talk a little more of what I’ve been experiencing with my body during pregnancy.

You guys know I am FAR from perfect (& I’m thankful for that), but that being said, I’m just as susceptible to struggling with body image as you are. I’ve found that really protecting what you allow yourself to read and see really helps! As well as focusing on loving and serving others, and not being so focused on yourself and your body all the time. It’s been a weird transition since I don’t really have a bump yet. I feel like I’m MAYBE popping a tiny bit at the bottom, but trust me, it doesn’t feel like pregnancy. It still just feels (& looks super bloated).

Some days are definitely harder than others. My clothes are way tighter (down to one pair of jeans and one pair of leggings). I feel silly going to get anything maternity yet considering I’m really not showing so I’m holding off for now. I’ve heard from friends and family that they felt like they really started showing around 16-20 weeks, so I’m ALMOST THERE. I can’t wait! I seriously just don’t feel pregnant half the time. Instead, I just feel heavier and my clothes are tighter. Like I said, some days are harder & I find I have to remind myself that my body is GROWING A BABY. I also have to remind myself of this when I get extra tired and I’m like WHY? Oh yeah, baby daddio is trying to grow 🙂 Apparently this week, he/she is adding some meat on those bones so that’s excited. I’m also so ready to feel our little babe move, but I haven’t felt anything yet!

Thinking more about body image, it’s helped me to realize that being okay with your body

isn’t a feeling. Man, if we live by our feelings, our life will be SO up & down. Remember, feelings are just an emotion, but they don’t have to control you. Loving your body is a decision you have to make in your mind and stick with. It’s when you really can start appreciating your body for all it does for you (& if you’re pregnant, your baby too). Seriously though, what a miracle that we wake up every day and our bodies do so much throughout the day (like breath, digest, etc) that we don’t even have to think about. GOD IS SO COOL.


If you’re struggling with your body, remind yourself how amazing your body is! I think when we start to make peace with our body, that’s when we start to truly feel comfortable in our own skin. It’s not going to be perfect everyday, because of bodies fluctuate. seasons change, and things change. That’s okay! It’s honestly a daily reminder that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL exactly as you are right now.

Now that we talked about that, let’s move onto the food! The past 2 weeks have been full of amazing holiday food, so many belly laughs, and lots of time with family. I truly feel like this was the first year (IN A LONG TIME), that I was able to truly be present and enjoy the holidays. I was able to eat what I wanted to eat, and pass up on the stuff that didn’t excite me. I enjoyed so much quality time with family and friends. I had so many cookies, cheese plates (I think I could live off of these), and so many good eats!

Also, I woke up on the day after Christmas & thought, and egg on toast sounds good. So I

made it and it was FABULOUS. First time reincorporating eggs & loving them! Last time didn’t go too well. Then I even had them scrambled the other days with hot sauce (always) and they were fabulous. I think they’re back! I honestly didn’t end up missing them too much, but it feels good to have them back!

I’d say that’s pretty much all the updates I have at this point! We go back to see our Midwife on January 17th, so we’ll have our second & final ultrasound & we’ll get to see little babe! It’ll be crazy, because our last ultrasound, baby daddio was the raspberry, and the next one, baby will be the size of a banana! Currently, we’re the size of a pomegranate, 5.12 inches long, and 5.90 ounces. At least that’s what my app says! Using The Bump app and I LOVE IT! It’s so cute & easy to use!

On another note, I started to finally think about things we’ll need for baby. I think getting a pack & play, diapers, wipes, and other goodies for Christmas made me realize, WOAH. We’re having a baby, haha! I think it’s kind of starting to feel more real but still feels pretty surreal. The last couple days, Thomas keeps saying to me, “I can’t wait to have a baby!” & he keeps saying how he can’t wait to play with one. Seeing him so excited makes me extra excited. Such a crazy & amazing time! Back to preparing, started looking into strollers. I asked you all for your opinions & you guys gave me the best list! I posted it below for any others looking. We haven’t decided on our yet, but so many amazing options!

Car Seats/Strollers:

-BabyJogger City Mini GT Travel System

-BabyJogger City Select

-Uppababy Vista Stroller & Mesa Car Seat

-Britax B-Agile 3- B-Safe 35 Elite Travel System


-Britax B-Free Travel System

-Nuna Tavo Travel System

-Nuna Mixx Stroller System

-Nuna Mixx 2 Stroller System & Pipa Car Seat

-Bugaboo Cameleon Complete Stroller

-Doona Convertible Infant Car Seat/Compact

Car Seats:

-MaxiCosi Car Seat

-Chicco Key Fit 30

-Graco SnugRide Click Connect


-Bumble Ride Stroller

-Bob Jogger

Hopefully that’s helpful for anyone looking or who might be in the future! That’s all for now, thank you guys for reading & following along!




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