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Prepping for Baby T


March 30, 2018 | Lex Daddio

Good Morning!

Baby T’s arrival is becoming more and more real everyday. We finished our birth class on Tuesday, which was super informative and helpful (especially for me), even though it was a 3 hours! Just a little long 🙂 If you’re in Richmond, I highly suggest checking out MyBirth. They’re classes are amazing & we are also using a doula from there as well.

We learned all about stages of labor, labor positions, interceptions, and living with baby after delivery (AKA what people call the fourth trimester). There’s just so much about birth that I had NO idea about. At this point, I feel as prepared as I’m going to be, because I don’t think you ever really know what you’re about to experience. I know my body was created to do this and that women birth babies every single day. That actually really helps my confidence, because let’s be honest, the whole process can be a little scary and intimidating.

Growing up, I really disliked ALL things that had to do with the doctor. I had the WORST phobia to getting blood drawn or a shot. I would hyperventilate, sweat, kick, cry, and sometimes pass out. A doctor told me once that I was the worst he’s ever seen… Not my proudest moment, BUT we’re working on it.359d51_ac2e3e47a2f342888f21a5e79072271d~mv2_d_3024_3024_s_4_2

I’ve already gotten SO MUCH BETTER, and I’m grateful for that. I always remember that it’s not to hurt me, it’s to help me, and it’s only a few minutes of my life. Anyway, that being said, the thought of the doctor’s office or hospital really just doesn’t sit well with me. I think that’s part of why I’ve enjoyed using a Midwife so much and going to the Women’s Center rather than a hospital or OB for checkups. She’s so gentle with me, the office doesn’t smell like medicine/ chemicals, and it’s super calming. Just what this girl needs. It’s comforting to me.

Some things that I’ll be doing for labor that I think will be super helpful for me are:

1. Birthing at home with our doula in the beginning stages of labor before we head into the

hospital. I think this will be super helpful to calm me down and let me be in my safe place. I plan to have music playing, candles burning, and anything else that makes my heart happy. Like maybe watching New Girl to make me laugh! My doula taught us that increasing oxytocin (which she described as the feel good hormone) in any way helps with labor. So things that bring me joy, make me laugh, and cause that hormone to release in me.

359d51_9c685bea3da04b6a91de83a064f73c64~mv2_d_3024_4032_s_4_22. Wearing my Ingrid & Isabel hospital gown. I had absolutely no idea that you didn’t have to wear the gown provided and could wear what you wanted. For some reason, the thought of wearing a hospital gown makes me think of myself as a sick patient instead of as a happy time, AKA having a child! I think it has to do with my negative emotions towards hospitals in general and reminds me of when I had surgery on my shoulder. Anyway, the fact that I get to wear my own hospital gown, that is extremely soft and cozy, and even cute gives me so much peace. I feel like I’ll feel more like myself being able to wear that too. It velcros all the way up the back and unclips at the shoulders making it easy for delivery and for nursing!

3. Planning on going all natural. We’ll see how it goes, but my hopes are to labor with no epidural. This wasn’t my plan before class, but hearing all the benefits of doing it naturally really changed my perspective. Now, I understand that things can happen and your birth plan doesn’t go as planned. Babies usually have their own plans. Well that’s okay, and if I have to get one or I decide I want one, I’m good with that. I’ve just heard such great things about faster recovery, shorter labor, and less complications without one. Also, like I said, needles are not my thing. So the thought of having that thing go into my back sounds scarier than labor to me. That being said, I haven’t experienced what labor will feel like yet so I might not even care! Ideally, I’d like to go natural and Thomas is all in so that’s the plan we’re praying for.

4. Staying consistent with movement. I have heard so many wonderful things about the benefits of staying active in pregnancy. I know every body is different, but I’ve found an increase in my mood, better digestion, and less backaches by moving. Nothing complicated, but trying to go to Pure Barre 2-3 times a week and getting in some walks here and there. I’ve loved doing Pure Barre, because there are so many modifications to follow and you’re strengthening all the muscles you use in labor. I’ve read studies about how women who stay active tend to have shorter labors and less need for an epidural. Worth a shot right? I also make sure to REST too, to put my feet up, take baths in epsom salt and do all the resting things too. It’s finding a balance between the two!

That’s everything we have going on about for labor now. We still have some meetings with our doula about what labor will look like at home, how Thomas can comfort me, and what positions to try for certain things. Looking forward to that and lots of other great things. For now, just working on enjoying these last 10ish weeks before baby’s due date (if he comes then of course!), and soaking in some alone time with Thomas.

Have a wonderful Good Friday & Easter weekend!



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