Upgraded Boxed Brownies

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How to upgrade your boxed brownies!

Pick your favorite brownie mix (I used Ghirardelli & got a giant pack from Costco & followed the directions on the back with the eggs & oil, but for the water I used brewed espresso (can also use cold brew, strongly brewed coffee, or instant coffee) for half of it. It won’t taste like coffee, but it brings out a richer chocolate flavor (learned that from Ina Garden (@inagarten)

I added some extra to the batter including vanilla extract, chocolate chips, and coffee (like i said above). You can also add a crunch of some kind: peanuts, pretzels, etc! I cooked them according to the directions, but under-baked them a little because fudgy brownies are the best brownies. Lastly, I melted some chocolate & drizzled it on top. Then, I added coarse sea salt and BAM!, now you have some seriously killer, homemade-ish brownies😎
Eat them as is or grab your favorite ice cream (we love @aldensicecream, not sponsored we’re just obsessed!) enjoy!


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