8 Easy Weeknight Dinner Ideas

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Hi friends, I hope you’re enjoying your day so far! Even though in our house, both Thomas and I love to cook, sometimes what seems to be the most complicated question of our everyday is “what’s for dinner”? Anyone else feel me? Some days, the thought of figuring out what to make or even just making something feels overwhelming. Half the time, I just wish someone would tell me what to make and I could just follow that!

So that being said, I thought it’d be fun to share a list of some of our favorite go-to meals that are easy for weeknights, but tasty for any night! I gave 8 so you have plenty of options to pick and choose from including different types of cuisines. You can try one, all of them, or none of them. Up to you of course, but these are some favorites of ours that I thought I’d compile in a little list in hopes to help you figure out “what’s for dinner”!

Mac & Cheese, Chicken Sausage, & Green BeansIMG-9997

I mean who doesn’t love a good kids type of meal? It’s basically an upgraded version and is obviously so easy! You’ll just need chicken sausage, a box of your favorite mac and cheese, and some type of veggie (we chose green beans!)

Asian Turkey Lettuce Cupsturkey cups

These have quickly become such a staple! They’re easy and LOADED with flavor. I also love Asian flavors so much. They also come together really quickly & there’s something about cooking ground meat that seems less intimidating to me. You can use ground turkey, chicken, beef or whatever you want. For the rice, we love jasmine or brown! To be honest, the fillings don’t stay on the lettuce cups very easily so sometimes we resort to making them a big bowl! Delicious either way!

The Easiest White Chicken Chili359d51_b9181c2b1580447e99324ed8fa0c6156~mv2

This one has actually been a favorite for years now! I made it a few years ago and we still find ourselves coming back to it often. I use rotisserie chicken which makes the cooking process VERY simple! Takes about 30 minutes total and leftovers are always even better the next day but I feel like all soup is that way. It’s also always a hit when we make it for others!

Greek Meatball Bowls or Pitas359d51_c4a0a417c77a484898b93decedc46520~mv2_d_3024_3024_s_4_2

This meal is SO versatile which is my favorite part! The greek meatballs are the main part and they are so easy to make. They also last for a few days so would be great leftover. You can make this meal and put it on a pita or make rice and turn it into a bowl. You can do chopped cucumbers and tomatoes and add romaine, it’s all up to you! You can use the pita recipe I used, or just buy them which is what we typically do these days. You can make the tzatziki or buy it (but the recipe is super simple & our FAV!) We also love serving it with hummus and sometimes a sprinkle of feta. Have fun with it!

Whole Wheat Pasta with Chicken Sausage & VeggiesIMG_9159

When I made this dish, even Thomas complimented it and loved it. That’s saying a lot because he’s Italian and isn’t always a fan of pasta these days unless it’s like a “real, authentic” Italian pasta haha. It came together so easily because it’s basically just whole wheat pasta, chicken sausage, broccoli, sundried tomatoes, spinach, olive oil, parmesan, and seasoning! The flavor is the delicious and the sundried tomatoes really give it an upgrade!

Chicken & Veggie Green Curryunnamed

When I think of this meal, it just gives me all the cozy feels. It’s filled with veggies (you can use whatever kinds you want) and chicken and served over rice and it’s just rich and delicious! The creaminess comes from the coconut milk & the incredible vibrant flavor comes from the green curry paste! The most time consuming part is chopping the veggies but you could always buy pre-chopped and then it’s even easier!

Thomas’ Beef EnchiladasScreen Shot 2019-06-08 at 11.24.31 AM

I am almost always down for Mexican. Chips and guacamole, tacos, enchiladas, fajitas, taco salad, I literally love it ALL! These beef enchiladas come together in no time and you only need a few ingredients! They’re also easy to make ahead, store in the fridge, and just bake with the cheese when you’re ready for dinner!

Vegetarian Fried Rice & Asian Salmon:IMG_8116

Last but not least, veggie fried rice with asian salmon! You can easily do this meal without the salmon, I would just add a few more eggs into the rice mixture to give it a little more heartiness. Thomas wanted to pair it with salmon to be more filling. Regardless, it’s good either way! I also forgot how good fried rice was, and now I want to make it more!

I hope this is helpful and gives you some inspiration for this week ahead, for the weekend, for whenever!



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  1. Mmmm, these all look amazing! I especially love the look of the Greek meal – yum! Will have to look at your tzatziki recipe…we usually buy ours at Trader Joes but it’s not cheap. 😛


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