My Top 5 Beautycounter Items!

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Beautycounter is something I never planned on selling. Honestly, I didn’t want to like it at first. I just tried it because my good friend was selling it and I wanted to test it. I tried it and became obsessed. Then I wanted to get the products discounted so I became a consultant. I started sharing to friends and family and on Instagram because of how much I loved it and here we are. I never expected to sell skincare, but I couldn’t help but share because my skin feels the best it ever has and I want others to feel good in their skin too!

I’ve been a consultant for a little under a year (wow, time flies) and I’ve tried a good number of products. Not all of them, but a lot, and these are my personal top 5 favorites! If you’re interested in anything or need help with skincare recommendations or makeup matching, you can email me at anytime! That’s what I’m here for!

Here are my top 5 favorite personal items, why I love them, and some benefits:

Image of Beautycounter item Vitamin C serum

Vitamin C Serum

  • This is probably my #1 Beautycounter item and what really sold me from the beginning. I like to call it “sunshine in a bottle” because it really is! I feel like this has really helped give my skin some glow, which has felt very needed!
  • It’s very potent and has a 10% vitamin C blend that helps brighten skin, reduce dark spots, and even protect skin against environmental stressors, which is pretty amazing!
  • This serum is also made with turmeric, which is what gives it the bright, vibrant yellow color! Turmeric is an antioxidant that helps even skin tone & improve fine lines and wrinkles.
  • It also has camu camu which also helps reduce dark spots on your face, as well as brighten skin. There are just so many amazing benefits!
  • This one is typically great for all skin types, so it’s one that’s good for everyone!
  • You only use 1 pump every morning, so a little goes a LONG way. It’s pricey but will last you awhile.
Image of Beautycounter item Resurfacing Peel

Resurfacing Peel

  • This is another product I can’t live without! The resurfacing peel is what I feel like has helped my skin tone the most, because uneven tone is something I’ve always struggled with. It also makes my skin feel so smooth!
  • It has a multi-acid complex including glycolic acid, malic acid, and botanically derived lactic acid. These work together to help clear about dull surface skin cells. Basically, that’s what helps give the glow!
  • They also included arginine and essential fatty acids to help soothe your skin and bring about a brighter complexion.
  • It sounds like it could be an intense product, but it’s really very gentle and typically pretty great for most skin types. Also, it doesn’t actually peel off. It goes on like a serum and you just wash it off your face in the morning!
  • One of the benefits of this one is that it lasts forever! You only use 1 pump every other or every few nights so it goes a long way. You can also get a FREE mini one to try when you sign up for the Band of Beauty membership & spend over $50!
Image of Beautycounter item Lotus Cleansing Balm

Lotus Cleansing Balm

  • This cleansing balm wins for the most uses and an essential winter item! It is a very thick cream or oil type base that has so many purposes, is incredibly hydrating, and has changed the game for my dry skin.
  • Here’s all the ways you can use it: as a cleanser or makeup remover, as an overnight face mask, on super dry areas (like cracked hands, etc), and I even use it on Noah’s face because he gets dry patches from being outside in the cold. It is literally magic!
  • It’s filled with lotus extract, jojoba seed oil, and avocado oil to destress the skin, hydrate, and give you that luminous glow.
  • This one is typically fine for all skin types and really great for those that live at high altitudes. It’s wonderful for dryness!
Image of Beautycounter Anti-Aging Line

Countertime Anti-Aging Line

  • The best skincare line for anyone with aging, mature, or dry skin. I personally use this line and love it, especially in the winter! Maturing skin is anything 30 years old or older!
  • This line is made with their plant-derived Retinatural complex (safe for pregnancy/ breastfeeding) which helps to brighten, firm, and plump your skin.
  • Getting the whole line can be pricey, but it does last some time! If you want to start small you could always start with the mini Countertime Carry-On Set. The bottles are small, but it’s a great way to decide if you love it. Plus the bottles are refillable so it’s great to have for travel and it comes with the cutest travel bag.
  • Another option is just starting with two things like the cleansing oil and moisturizer. The soft cream is the day cream, but can also be used at night. The supreme cream is the night cream and incredibly luxurious, thick, and hydrating. I love every part of this line, but starting small with cleanser and/or moisturizer is how I personally started with this line!
Image of Sugarbuff Body Polish

Sugarbuff Body Polish

  • An extra item for sure, but hands down my favorite body item from Beautycounter. Both Thomas & I love this body polish. Thomas may like it even more!
  • It’s basically like a 2-in-1 product to me, because when I use it in the shower, not only does it exfoliate and soften my skin, but the almond oil is incredibly hydrating and I don’t even need lotion afterward! Win win!
  • They use organic cane sugar for gentle exfoliation to scrub away all the dry and dead skin, and then sweet almond oil for hydration and soft, supple skin.
  • You really can feel such a difference on your skin after a shower! It especially works well on super dry areas like elbows, knees, etc.
  • I also think it’d be a cute gift if you ever need something for a friend!

Ways to Save on Beautycounter Items

Here’s the thing, I KNOW skincare can be expensive, but when you’re investing in quality ingredients and a company that is working to change the skincare industry by using safe ingredients and building up people, you’re paying for more than just a product. You’re making a difference. That being said, we have a budget ourselves so I get it! Here are some ways you can save on your Beautycounter items:

  1. New customer discount All new customers get 30% off with the code CLEANFORALL30! Hint: you could use another email as well 🙂
  2. Band of beauty membership- I personally think everyone should be a band of beauty member because there are so many benefits. You’re saving 10% with credit back on every purchase and free shipping over $100/$125 CAD. When you add Band of Beauty to your cart that’s over $100 (not including the membership, taxes or shipping) and then I send the $29 back to you so essentially it’s free to you. You’ll also get a free mini resurfacing peel and mini charcoal mask. You get 10% product credit so say you spend $100, you’ll have $10 to use on your next order like I said before. If you do sign up, you can let me know that you did that HERE and I’ll Venmo back the $29!
  3. Friend referral gift- You should get a “thank you” when you help your friends make good choices! So I’m sending $10 for every friend you refer to me. They get 20% off, you get cash, everyone wins. Just send them to me or tell them to add “Alexis Daddio” at checkout with code CLEANFORALL20, then they get 20% off and you’ll get $10 when you tell me they shopped! Just fill it out HERE!
  4. Becoming a consultant- You can always join my team to get a great discount! Consultants get 25% off and honestly becoming a consultant is so low risk. It’s $50 to sign up if you aren’t a member, but if you are a band of beauty member it’s only $21! That’s it. You CAN buy a discounted welcome package but there is no requirement, I didn’t! I’m working on a post about all the details on what it looks like but feel free to email me if you ever have questions about it or you can sign up HERE and choose me as your consultant to be on my team & I’ll reach out afterward!

If you want more information about Beautycounter, read all the posts we have about it here.


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