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Aldi Grocery List

We’re new Aldi fans around here and I’ve been really impressed with their selection for groceries! So many of you guys are fans too and I love that! You’ve sent me so many great recommendations to try. If you have any other ones, let me know. In case you haven’t […]


My Favorite Baking Tools

Here’s a list of my favorite baking tools! All the items are things I use the most, except the rolling pin, but I explain that below! Most of them are also things I’ve had since we got married 5 years ago, so they last well. Baking is my therapy so […]

Grocery Finds, Guides, Shopping List

Costco Grocery List

Hands up if you love Costco as much as do! We typically go to Costco every two months to do a restock because everything usually lasts a while. Costco sells so many of our favorite brands and items, and we simply love it! Below is a full list of items […]

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Hospital Bag Checklist

Hi guys! Two and half months into having Roman and I’m FINALLY sharing my hospital bag checklist! This is a list of everything I brought and used, things you guys told me to add after adding a question box on Instagram, and some extra things you can bring but don’t […]