Anti-Inflammatory Chicken Ginger Soup


November 2, 2017 | Lex Daddio


Ultimate cozy & anti-inflammatory from the turmeric! When you need a little reboot, try this!


-32 oz chicken broth

-1/2 medium yellow onion

-1 medium leek

-3 carrots

-4 celery stalks

-1 tbsp grass-fed butter

-1.5 tbsp minced ginger

-1 tbsp minced lemongrass

-3 cloves garlic

-1 tbsp ground turmeric

-1/2 rotisserie chicken

-1/2 lemon

-sea salt & pepper


Heat about a tbsp of grass-fed butter in a stock pot over medium heat & once it gets hot add the chopped: onions, leeks, carrots & celery and a dash of sea salt. Sauté until they’re soft (about 5-6 min) & then stir in the ginger, lemongrass, & garlic for a few min. Add the turmeric & black pepper (helps turmeric absorb in your body). Then add the chicken & broth & some more sea salt to taste. Bring it to a light boil. Cover & simmer for about 15 min. Squeeze in 1/2 of a lemon & season with sea salt to taste. Serve with fresh parsley on top & a slice of bread with ghee or butter!

*Recipe adapted from Soup Addict*




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